Monday, April 27, 2015

I look forward to the puzzles. (Matching captions to pictures) I had the chance to make many plans for when I get home. Unfortunately I had plenty of time to think during the flooding. We did find a new place and we are just waiting for the office to do the paperwork so we can move in. The shower is bigger. And the house is about twice as big as the one we are in right now. The owners are some awesome members who have been having financial difficulties. I will work on getting the pics.

Diego does not have a cousin named Dora that I know of. Sadly some things have happened and we are currently unsure if Diego can be baptized. He still has the desire and we are still teaching him but... yeah. We shall see what happens. (sorry. I dont feel it is right to share some things over the internet) Juan Carlos and Nelly came to Church yesterday. Juan Carlos is a old investigator and Nelly was not an investigator but now they both have the desire to be baptized. We will be working with them.

If you want to pray for people, then pray for Juan Carlos and Nelly. They both have desires to be baptized. They are not a couple. Two different investigators.

It is getting cold here lately. After the rain the weather just changed. Sometimes it is good and sometimes not so much. I have started sleeping with socks on because my feet freeze. We are expecting more rain here in the first part of May.

Mothers Day is coming up... wow. I feel like it was just a short time ago that we talked for Christmas. Jeez... well for now I do not know details. I believe we will be able to use Skype but we have to start talking to members to find out who has computers. I believe there is a 3 hour difference between Utah and Chile but the President here decided that they would not have Daylight Savings time so I am not even sure how the time change works. We will have to talk after Church. That is about all I know. I will discuss this with Elder Plowman and let you know.

Dad has my answer to this trap question. (Who do you love the most?)
I am going to go with the only safe answer and say that I love my Heavenly Father the most with my future wife as a close second. Or I can go with the elusive parent answer "I love both of you the same." Or I could say that Mom is my favorite on Mother´s Day and Dad is my favorite on Father´s Day. I can easily say that Jake is my favorite little brother and Kaitlin is my favorite little sister if that helps anything.

I hope you are in shape for the pack test. You have been getting a little exercise in with Jake so hopefully that will help. You are getting released from the High Council? Are you becoming a Bishop in a Young Adult Ward? (that is what happened to Elder Plowman´s Dad last week)

For you guys Mondays are still terrible but here in the mission field it is a day to look forward to. Sundays you still have to work, sometimes more than normal, so Monday becomes our day of rest even if we do still have to work at night.

Thanks for the updates. I hope you guys are all okay and that you can finish the school year strong. I love you guys. Take care.
Les amo mucho. CuĂ­dense. Elder Hunter

Monday, April 20, 2015

This week we met Diego. He lives with a member family but has no experience with Churches. He does not even know the story of Jesus but he already wants to be baptized. This is a first for me but the Lord knows what he is doing. Not even a flood will stop the work. And it feels really weird to be 19. Just saying.

I will work on getting pictures of the mamitas.

We thought we would move mud but in the end they cancelled the service project... so while I do have mud on my shoes and jeans I have not specifically done service to help with the mud as other missionaries have. We have helped with water and rain issues but not mud. We emailed you from a members house once, then from a small ciber that was not as good, and today we are in the large ciber in centro that we usually use. That means I will send pictures :)

I am honestly weirded out by the thought that you guys have nearly finished an entire school year. And why did you think my identity was stolen? That sucks when you are there and can do something about it but even more when I am in a different country. Poor Dan. I mean, poor Elder Harris. And I will be praying that Aunt Sharon and Uncle B can adopt again. I hope to come home and meet a new little cousin :)

The Pinewood Derby is here again? Wow. Time really does fly. I remember the last pinewood derby that Jake was part of. Did Shawn buy this used truck for Braden since he will be home soon? And that is sad that a family died. We never know when something crazy like that can happen so we have to be prepared NOW to meet our Maker. 

Sounds like everyone is staying busy up there. I am glad to hear it. I pray for you guys and am very grateful for your prayers. We just had transfers but both my companion and I am staying here. I love you all. Take care.
Elder Brock Hunter

A military copter going around rescuing people who got stuck on their roofs by the mud flood.

The excavation is just around the corner from our house.

The water was from the first day of rain.  We had no idea how bad it would get.

Our Bishop was wiped out.  He was getting at most 4 hours of sleep a day during the first week of flooding.



I splurged on cereal for my birthday week

After reading my amazing birthday balloons

Dr. Pepper is good, but it just did not taste the same...
The reason I take SHORT showers here in Chile.

A poster in the pension.

We are on top of a nearby hill.  We made an Elder Monument.

Elder Plowman

The dogs followed us from the base of the hill to the top.
We named the black one WIll Smith and the yellow one Pikachu.

An old Church sign from before the change to make Jesus Christ biggerr

A nice half court set up for basketball

All the masks I have used throughout the catastrophe

Boots that we were told to buy for the service that did not happen.
(plus they are a size small)

Ous Zone is a bit craxy...

My district is kinda crazy too...

They managed to clean the Plaza in Centro pretty quickly.  We were desperate to get our clothes so we had Hermano Fernandez drive us into town.  All these pics are two weeks after the actual flooding and rain.  So, all this is better than it was originally.

Now it is a lot better but there is dust everywhere and some streets and buildings still have mud.  We are expecting another large rainstorm in May.  We will see what happens.  It should come the week after Mother's Day.

Our current house which we will be leaving very soon.

This is a  massive hole in the sidewalk from the rain.  It is across the street from us.

We watched General Conference in the closet.

The TV is how the members watched General Conference.

Helping Hands
Mormons that Help

Supplies we handed out