Monday, April 13, 2015

 (sorry if this letter seems sloppier than usual. This computer has issues and viruses.) 

We have to be out of our pension in 2 more weeks and we have 3 choices so far. We have to stay within our sector so we have not done very much service and very few people are in the mood to share with the missionaries. Such is the life. 

In the end we delivered much need food and other supplies to several families who were affected by the flood. Some  people were not affected directly but because Centro was shut down many people have been unable to work or buy groceries. We still have not helped much to move the mud but  just walking in the street will get your clothes dirty. We have to use masks every time we go outside because the air is toxic but we really have not changed our working style as much as I thought we would.

The work goes on though slower than before.  The  spanglish gets worse and I seem to have more moments of "What is that called again?" or  "How do you say that in english? " and even  " I said what? What I meant to say was... "

We walk a lot in the sun.  Today we climbed one of the hills here in Copiapo. Centro is still shut down so that is all we could do. 

Thanks for sharing that scripture. (D&C 4) In truth I have had a rough time getting up and working like normal after two weeks stuck in the house. It is a good reminder that we must continue working because not everyone is  qualified to do the work of the Lord.

My birthday was weird. I will be honest here. It was probably the trunkiest I have been in my mission so far. I worked like normal and the Dr Peppers were good but one missionary told me that he found cherry Dr Peppers here . I ate a lot of food, we had District Meeting, and I blew up all the balloons. I did not have a cake but I did have Triton cookies and Dr Pepper. I took pics so don't worry. Some missionaries broadcast to all the world  that it is their birthday but my own companion did not know it was my birthday until I pulled out the balloons at the end of the day. I figured that with all that is going on here it would be inappropriate to say "Hey, look at me. I am special today." I am just happy to know that I am loved. 

The Mountain of the Lord is the movie we watched.  It is from 1993. Sorry. The name changes in Spanish. (but even then I got the translation wrong... oops)

 I am unable to send pictures  at this time  because  we are not using the usual Ciber in order to write. When I get a good  com puter I will send LOTS of pics. I took a pic of every birthday balloon too.

I love you guys. Thank you so much for your prayers and your love. Keep working on your side and I will work hard over here on mine.

 Con m ucho amor,  Elder Hunter


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