Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dear Family,

I am a bit pressed for time today,
As you probably guessed I have changed sectors. I am in Antofagasta again (I was pretty shocked). My new Barrio (neighborhood) is Caliche and my new comp is Elder Jairo Aguirre from Peru. I was traveling in the bus from 9 in the morning until 9 at night. I did get to see some good movies at least: Jurrasic World, White House Down, Night at the Museum 3, and half of TomorrowLand.

My last Sunday in Arica was good because several less active members came. Hermana Brenda (a less active I was working with) got a calling in the Primary too. The only bad thing is that the ward is a "Newly Wed, Nearly Dead" Ward and we have a huge primary but no youth. 

I am glad that your talks went well and that you enjoyed Easter.  The pics that I shared on Onedrive are mostly in the pension (the cockroaches, the lizard, etc). The mice are actually gerbils though and those are the pets of a member. The mice we actually had in the pension I never got a picture of.

Good luck to Jake, Kaitlin, and Kristin with their school stuff. (and if Jake memorizes all the Presidents then he will do something that I never did)

Next Tuesday I might receive the Package. President Dalton basically told me that I will end my mission here in Caliche so we will see what happens. I still have to buy food, unpack (though I think I may have left some pants in Arica, oops), and we have appointments for this afternoon so I have to finish it all this morning. Love you guys. Enjoy the General Conference this weekend and I will see you guys soon. 
Con amor, Elder Hunter

Hey sis,
it was a decent week though I was not able to say goodbye to everyone that I wanted. Every few months I am living with a new complete stranger. That keeps things fairly interesting. Sometimes in a Noche de Hogar we use an object lesson but normally no. We just teach with scriptures, testimony, and the spirit. And sometimes Mormon Messages.

I read the Church news every Pday, so yes I knew about the bombing but thanks. It is a crazy world we live in and it will only get crazier. 

I planned to fly into Cedar City but it depends because it seems like I might go to St George if they can’t find a flight to Cedar. I got to go but take care and enjoy High School while it lasts. See you soon.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

Monday, March 21, 2016

Dear family,
I am doing well, just a little crispy because the heat does not want to let up. At night it is finally starting to cool down at least. We had 4 investigators at church yesterday. Three of them were children but still. We are seeing some good things by working with the Easter Initiative though. Semana Santa y la Pascua de la Resurrección are important in Latin American Culture.

I will try to send some pics using my comps camera but he has to finish with his stuff first... I will see if I can buy a card reader in my next sector. This Saturday I should find out in what sector I end my mission. At least, I don’t think they will leave me in Arica for 7 months.

We had Zone conference on Wednesday with the Mission President and he spent a good while just reviewing all the things he had taught during his time here. I had heard most of it the first time but it was a good meeting. Hermana Dalton, his wife, shared a powerful testimony about the need to help these people obtain eternal families. She is the only convert in her family...

Not much else this week. We shared with a lot of people but we are still working to help them progress and keep their commitments of reading and praying and attending church. The usual missionary problems.

I pray that everyone will have a great Easter and that everyone is ready for General Conference in 2 weeks. (The last General Conference of the mission is supposedly the most important because it will have guidance for my life when I get home. I wonder if they will talk about marriage o.0) Love you guys. See you soon.
Con amor, Elder Brock Hunter

Time is moving far too quickly for me. This Saturday they should call me to tell me in what sector I will end the mission. Hopefully you guys can organize everything you need to finish. I have recognized just how much a parent sacrifices to be with their kids and support them. I don’t know how I am going to do that someday but I wanted to say thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for me over the years. I have been far from the perfect son and I recognize that. Still, you were there to help me along the way. Thanks dad.

I am glad you guys had a fun weekend. I recognize a bit better now all the sacrifices people make to fulfil their callings and especially the calling of Bishop. I will see if I can help a bit when I get home but it sounds like you guys are doing well. I did not even know that the Simpson family were investigators the first time we went to visit them... but hey. I am glad the missionaries over there are working hard. I am interested to see how the work is different in Utah.

Enjoy Holy Week and Easter. I invite you to visit followhim.mormon.org if you have not already. I really like the video of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Take care Dad. Love you.
Elder Brock Hunter

This week was interesting because Chileans remember God just a little more around Easter time. We hope to see a lot of people in Church next week. The investigators are there. Stubborn. They dont want to read and pray (though some new people we recently met seem really receptive. we have to pass by them again)
Happy Easter sis.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

Chilean Grapes

Taste of home

Elder Carter

Chocolate Milk

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 14, 2016

Dear family and friends,

What an interesting week. We had a lot of lessons and a lot of help from members but still not a lot of investigators that are progressing. And we found out that one of our investigators that was progressing is really a less active member. We still want to help him of course but now that means getting him to partake of the sacrament and not baptism. We taught a guy that prays to himself too... that was interesting.

I am glad that you guys enjoyed your Spring Break. We have lost a few investigators because they "dont have time to share with us because they have school" but we also gained a few back who have finally returned from vacation.

I feel kinda sick right now and I don’t know if I am really sick or if it is in my head. The thing is that yesterday a less active member gave us juice boxes and after we had finished them I started to read the box. The box said that the juice was mixed with green tea... only an extract of .00025 or something but still. Missionaries breaking the word of wisdom is not a good thing. After that I started feeling sick. I slept most of the morning and now I feel better at least.

Please pray for Ayleen, Raul, Daniela, Alberto, Nico, and Daniel, mostly just that they can recognize the spirit in their lives.

Look up the new Easter Video of the Church. It is great and I love the Motab song as well. Hopefully next week I go to Lago Chungara (we shall see). Love you guys. God bless and take care.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

How is it that you guys went to a Mexican Beach when supposedly I am the one that speaks Spanish in the family? Glad you had a good time. The waters down here in Arica are supposed to be fantastic. Among the best in the world for surfing and the waters are warm so people go swimming at night and there are no sharks. Pretty good overall I would say.

I nearly let 2 pi days pass me by without celebrating. Still don’t know what I will do to celebrate here but I will try something. Happy Pi Day

March 7, 2016

Dear family and friends,
We found a lot of new investigators this week, some with more potential than others but that is part of the mission. The investigators that are progressing are Daniel (soccer fanatic), Daniela (eternal investigator), and Ayleen (she is 7 but turns 8 in a month). Of course we have taught others but the others are not reading or praying just yet. We are working on changing that.

Someday I will make it to Lago Chungara. At this point it may be when I return to Chile after the mission but I will get there.

I hope you guys enjoy your spring break. Last Thursday the kids officially returned to school. A lot of people have come back to the sector but now we have to deal with the excuse of "homework". All the kids here have to use uniforms and go to school in 80 degree weather. It is a pretty constant 80-85 around here. 

Nothing big happened this week but I do feel better, aka less trunky. I figure that everything will just be waiting for me when I get home. If I trust in God like the Stripling Warriors did then everything will work out (I may have read the book of Alma this week). 

The office just called me saying they were buying my plane ticket but that I was going to end up in St George. I asked if they could try and get it to Cedar City and they said they would try. I should get home on the 22 of June from what I understand. We will have transfers right before General Conference so I will likely pass my birthday in a different sector. For now only God knows. 

Love you guys. God bless and take care.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

Everytime I try to connect my camera to the computer it says "Connection Error". I dont know why. The rest of my photos you may just have to wait to see. sorry guys

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dear Family,
I sleep without sheets and I have a fan going all night but I still sweat. I wish I could escape the heat at least to sleep but oh well. This week was a roller coaster. We had some great days and some days where we just walked in the sun but if the Lord`s work is moving along then I am happy. I would like to spend less time in the sun though.

The training with Elder Bednar was with all the missionaries from Area South America South. Turns out that he is really a funny guy. He spoke in Spanglish for part of his talk but it wasnt really a talk. It was more of a group discussion. People asked questions and he answered as well as several other general authorities. It was a good experience. My comp says that from a profile view I look like a younger Elder Bednar. I don't see it.

We shared with several part member and less active families this week. We also had intercambios with the Zone Leaders. I was back with Elder Hinton for a day. It was interesting to see how things have changed and also see what things are still the same. That may well have been my favorite intercambio of the mission. I was over in their sector and talking to Elder Hinton really helped me relax and get focused. He is a great guy.

Some of our investigators disappeared this last week... we are working to find them when classes start this week. Daniel is still reading and he is progressing well. But he likes soccer even more than the gospel so he still has not made it to church... but he has a lot of potential.

The Chilean school year will start on Thursday. They are changing grade levels right now. Now the excuses change from "We are going to the beach" to "We have to do our homework"... but at least everyone will be in town. That helps.

So I don't know how many times I will have to say this but next week we are going to Lago Chungara. It rained this week in the dryest city on earth... and the roads up to the lake seem to be closed so we will go next week. I hope. Today I chose to be lazy and take a nap. Then we went up to Centro to a fería and I bought a tiki thing called "Indio Pícaro" and a Chess set. I also tried the new card today and it worked. Thanks for sending it.

Tell Aunt Sharon I will be praying for her and tell Kate and Jake good luck. Love you guys. Talk to you later.
Con amor, Elder Hunter