Monday, February 22, 2016

Dear Family,

What a week. I just feel stressed and tired. Some good things happened but there were also some setbacks with some of the investigators. We will have stake conference here in 2 weeks or so. We also have a special training with Elder Bednar this Wednesday. Hopefully this will be a spiritually uplifting week.

Happy Bday today to Braden Bybee and also a Happy Bday to Aunt Meche this Friday

School gets hectic towards the end. Here in Chile they are getting ready to go back to classes in March. There are school supplies everywhere and no one is home because they are enjoying what is left of their vacations. Soon everyone will be home though. Better for us.

When I think of Grandpa Mellor I first think of lawnmower rides on his lap (can't do that anymore) and when I think of Grandma Mellor I think of those sock things we filled with earth and then they had grass for hair. Don't know why but those are the first things that come to mind. Tell them Happy Anniversary. 

Today we climbed the hill in our sector but I forgot to take my camera. Hopefully the other guys will actually share their pics. Then we had to do my comps legal papers. Next week we should finally go to Lago Chungara. Here's hoping at least. Take care guys. Love you all.

Con amor, Elder Hunter

Dear Kaitlin,

I am really kinda worried about all the craziness that will happen when I get home... you and I will be going to college together. We will be in the Singles Ward together with our Dad as the Bishop. There is a new car involved. I have to find a job again and start paying taxes and doing homework. 
I have had a lot of Winter Fever. I am basically sweating through my shirt right now and this is not even the hottest city in the mission.

This week was decent. Some days were tough while other days were great. Honestly, I feel a bit stressed right now. My Mission President says that stress is good for you. Hope he is right. We found one investigator this week named Daniel and he is fantastic. He read the BoM and even took notes. He is only 16 but we need more youth in the ward anyway. Hopefully he will continue progressing. My comp says I look like Elder Bednar... I dont see it.

They say that Bishops age faster. It may be true. I will have to see him in person to be sure. I dont think you look 18, I dont like how fast Jake is growing, and Mom is still "viente siempre" (Looks the same) as they say here in Chile (I'm not crazy enough to say anything else). Take care sis and see you soon.

con amor, Elder Hunter

Thursday, February 18, 2016

so there was a technical problem with the church email and they dont know what emails were sent and which ones werent so I am resending all the emails I had sent on Monday.

I do not know specific details about the flight home just yet... supposedly they should send a copy of the flight plan to me and to you guys when it is closer to the date.

We are working with Graciela, Alberto, Lorena, Eduardo, Daniel, and Benjamin as investigators. As less active members we are working with Maruja, Familia Tapia, Edward, Silvia, Nelson, and Roberto Jelves. At least for this week. 

Lexi Peterson sounds familiar... but I have heard so many names during the mission that I cant be sure. Check my yearbook. If it is the girl I am thinking of then she is blonde and uses a hearing aide.

This week we started strong but as the week went on we had a harder time having lessons. Wednesday we had a few drops of rain (which is a big deal here). Friday we had a Valentines activity but it started an hour late... and we had two investigators that had shown up half an hour early... but it went well in the end. They had a dinner and karaoke. We were home by 10:30 and our mission leader left early at 1am... then on Saturday I had one of the most spiritual lessons of my mission with a less active. He opened up a ton and told us that he has mental problems that have gotten worse since he had a motorcycle accident a few years ago. We are getting his Home Teachers involved so that we can help him out. On Sunday we had a meeting with the ward missionaries... and they started arguing with one another and the meeting lasted and hour longer than it was supposed to... well.... working on it.

This was a week of ups and downs but I am trying to find those small miracles in order to stay animated and not trunky. Love you guys and your prayers are felt and appreciated. See you soon.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

Psalm 4:5

No sacrifice is too great to serve the Master who sacrificed His all to provide the way for His brothers and sisters to return home to their Heavenly Father. And when they know Him there is no bed too short or too hard no climate too hot or too cold no food to different or language so strange that they are unwilling to serve Him.

This work is not easy but I know it is true.

Jake is almost bigger than Grandma! He needs to stop growing so much or he will catch up to me!

Hey sis,
Not a lot of new stuff but I am doing okay. Today we passed by a huge flea market (ferria) called the Agro and I also bought some Doritos. One bag has Superman and the other has Batman. Fun stuff.
Why do I look older? Is it because my hair color has changed? I would like to grow a ginger beard when I get home but I dont know if it will work out... what do you think?

See ya sis. Take care and God bless. Con amor, Elder Hunter

Monday, February 8, 2016

Dear Family,
So I am still in Valle Azapa with Elder Carter and this transfer is special because it will be for 7 weeks. Which means that if there are no special cambios, I will be with Elder Carter for longer than any other comp. The CCM is changing schedules again so now all the mission schedules have to change (as far as I know at least). 

Honestly, the longer that I am in the mission the harder it is to see the little miracles. I know they are there (at least they should be if I really am being an obedient missionary) but at this point I take them for granted. This week Davidson Catalan came home from his mission in Brasil. He has a strong accent and a lot of energy to work. Also this past week we had two intercambios; one I went to the Zone Leaders sector and the other I stayed here in Valle Azapa with Elder Olives (also from Brasil).  We have managed to find some interesting families and we are officially working with the Ward Missionaries. I believe a lot of good things are about to happen here.

I am honestly working to not get trunky. On the one hand, I will soon be home. On the other hand, I have less than 5 months left to serve the Lord full time. I should still be working until I step off the plane in Cedar CIty but it is harder than I thought. I just need to focus on the work more but my thoughts keep being drawn to different things. I fasted this month to have some more self control and more dedication. Now I just need to apply it.

As far as your talk goes, good luck. Try talking about our divine nature as Gods children or how each part of the body fulfils a different role but all are useful and needed.

To end this letter, we attended an Area training to learn the new Area Plan. It will focus on three blessings: Sacrament Meeting, Self Sufficiency, and the Temple. Basic, maybe but super important.

Question, when is Mothers day and Easter this year? The calendars here show all the "Saint" days and "virgen" days but not always the holidays from back home. Anyway, take care and God bless.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

Monday, February 1, 2016

Dear family,
I was being burned alive this week. A lot of sun, a lot of walking, but fortunately there was also sunscreen this week. It is not as bad as it could have been. We walk in the shade when possible but sometimes there is just no shade. That happens when there are no trees...

Today I have to send in the last paper for my second visa here in chile. I am officially old (in the mission at least). This week we went to a fireside with the youth, we taught some less active ex-bishops, and I finally got the packages you guys sent. I got two packages and two letters because on Thursday we had interviews with President Dalton. The decorations got here a bit late but thanks. I really liked the family christmas card. Tell both set of grandparents thanks for me for their cards.

I don't have much more to say today... we have cambios this Saturday. If I leave then I will not get to go to Lago Chungara but oh well. That is how it goes sometimes. Take care everyone. God bless.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

Dear Kaitlin,

This week was a little better but still rough. Everyone leaves on vacation during the summer. Or they go to the beach and stay there until 2am (that really happens here). We went to a fireside with some of the youth in the ward and we shared about the book of Abraham. Weird topic but it went well. We had to get special permission to go because they went to a beach. 

Congrats to all those who have gotten engaged and happy bday sis. I know your birthday may not go quite like you had planned but enjoy it anyway. God bless.
Con amor, Elder Brock Hunter

Kaitlin and Joelle on snowmobile.  Ellis Kylie and Jake on sled
SNOW MUCH FUN.  Feb 1st 2016

HOW DID YOU GUYS GET A SNOW DAY?! Why didnt I get one? How can that even be possible? We nearly have the same equipment as Alaska for snow control. But if it is not too dangerous for you to play, how is it a snow day? I dont understand!Is that my old coat? And just how deep is it? Okay... that part I dont miss too much. Dad looks good in camo though. Who are those little kids on the sled with Jake? And is that Joelle on the four wheeler with Kaitlin? Well, enjoy your snow day while it lasts

 PS the baptism pics are from a baptism in the other ward. I did the interview for two of the three girls that got baptized so we went to support them.

Christmas finally made it

Non-Alcoholic Beer