Monday, September 7, 2015

First off, I want to wish my Parents a very happy aniversary. Secondly, I am VERY happy that Canyon View beat Cedar in Football. FINALLY!

I want you all to know that I am praying for all of you individually, especially those that are sick or struggling with other problems.
Sometimes we feel like nothing is happening like we want it to and we just wonder why. Then God reminds us that He has a plan and he knows how to make it work. This week we were having a hard time getting people to keep their appointments. Then, out of nowhere, a less active guy knocks on OUR door and asks us to go to his house and visit his family. He and his wife want to come back to church. They have a complicated marriage situation but they want to make things right before God. They were asking us some questions that we did not quite know how to answer but with the help of some local leaders we believe we can help them have a temple marriage and get sealed to their kids.

We also invited people to participate in activities and they did not show up. For example, on Wednesday we invited investigators to come to the chapel to learn to dance the cueca (cueca is the national dance of Chile. PS does the US even have a national dance?). Several said yes but no one showed up so in the end we had to leave. But then God came in. One of our investigators, Jackeline Vega, did not show up to the classes of cueca but she showed up an hour later to the choir practice and decided to participate. Long story short, the next day there was a Choir Competition in the Chapel in Centro and she participated with our Branch. (and we participated too without ever practicing the songs) Then she came to church on Sunday along with her son Diego who is 10 years old. The other missionaries always invited her to come but she never showed up. Now she is coming to activities and to church. We are seeing some great things that just suprise us.
In other news, I have some new items to add to my food list. This past week we recieved 2 liters of goat milk, a wheel of goat cheese, and 4 duck eggs. All for free. The goat dairy items we recieved from a recent convert named Yerelyn and the duck eggs we got from our Clothes Mamita. We had to boil the goat milk before we drank it and then we added sugar to it. It was actually really good. The goat cheese is good... but not my favorite. The duck eggs were harder than chicken eggs and had a larger yolk. The taste was just a little different. Not too much to notice.
That should be it for now. I love you guys and I hope that all is well. Trust in God. Have faith. It really works miracles.
Con amor, Elder Brock Hunter

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