Monday, August 31, 2015

Dear Family and friends,
This week we found several receptive people but we were mostly going around so that Elder Acosta, my new comp, could get to know people. Elder Acosta is from Lima, Peru. He actually lives like 2 blocks from the temple there. He is a convert of 5 years and he is an only child. His parents got baptized at the same time as him. He is a HUGE futbol fan and he was actually working to go pro before the mission. His coach called him crazy to put off his training to come out on a mission but he felt good about his decision and now he has 10 months in the field. The miracle for the week is the fact that we were able to enter several houses for the first time. Elder Holloway and I had passed by before but never been able to enter but now with Elder Acosta we could get in. I guess God was just waiting for Elder Acosta to get here.
The fleas continue to eat me alive so I think I would do very poorly as a fumigator. We also have not been able to find a new pension. No one wants to rent. It is weird to think that you guys are back in school. Just saying. For now my clothes are holding up. I actually have more than I need (another reason why there is so little room in my bags). The only thing that has gotten REALLY worn out are my tennis shoes. I only use them once a week and they are still the most beat up. I will keep using them for now and if I need to buy new ones later then I will but for now I am fine.
This friday we had a Dessert and Karaoke night and we had 55 people show up. I thought that was pretty good but you guys beat us with 75 youth. Well, maybe if more people were willing to sing we would have seen better attendance. And though there were several delicious treats, I did not get one recipe. I was kinda upset about that. I made brownies to take to the activity but they lacked sugar... and I might have broken the Mamitas mixer... but Elder Acosta decided to put condensed milk and cream on top of the brownies and with the addition of sprinkles and crushed up chocolate chip cookies it ended up tasting pretty good.
I am glad that you guys are doing well, even if you are a bit stressed at times. Remember that God tests his saints and that all things will work for our good if we are obedient. I dont know what else to say for today so I will just tell you that I love you, I appreciate your prayers, and I will be working hard to fulfil the Lords purposes here.
WAIT! I did think of something else to write. I recently found out that several investigators that I worked with in my other sectors have since been baptized. Lidia and Juan Manuel from Bolivar in Antofagasta have a baptismal date for this upcoming saturday and José Riquelme (the dad and husband) is going to baptize them. Also an investigator that I had in Copiapo has an appointment to get married so he can get baptized. I was pretty excited to hear about these things. I may not be there with them but I could help them get there.
Okay. Now that should be all. Have a great week everyone!

Take care and God bless. Con amor, Elder Brock Hunter

This week was busy. I was getting to know my companion. It is always interesting getting to know the person that you have to live with 24 hours a day. I cant think of anything awesome right off the bat. The investigators are doing well though one lady said she does not like Peruvians... we will have to see what happens with that. Pray for Joel, Jackeline, Danisa, and Cristobal. Pray that they will actually read and have the spirit touch their hearts.
As missionaries, sometimes we show people how to hold a Noche de Hogar, or Family Home Evening. We also ask that members will allow us to take investigators to their houses so that they can see how we do it and so that the investigators can meet more people. We do not have FHE with just missionaries. In my last ward they were doing a Ward FHE but here they are not doing that. A lot of times we get invited to share the spiritual part of the FHE with absolutely no heads up. They just ask us to do it. So we have to have several scriptures handy to use in such emergency situations. (Scripture Masteries as well as others that we find through our personal study). Here we have one large Branch Activity each month and we try to fit smaller things in throughout the month.
Work hard, pray hard, help others. Love ya sis. Elder Hunter

Dear Grandma and Grandpa Hunter,
Congratulations on 65 years of marriage! That is rather impressive. It gives a good example in a world where people dont even want to be married anymore. When I get home I will be eating peaches and tomatoes so be sure to save some for me. Thank you for your prayers. I pray for you guys every day too. Take care and stay safe. I love you.
Elder Hunter

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