Monday, October 26, 2015

Dear family,
Nice to talk to you again. The miracle of the week would have to be Saturday night when the Grandmother of Emanuel decided to let him go to church with us. Emanuel is 11 years old and is reading the Book of Mormon and praying by himself. His grandmother was working on Sunday but said she would accompany him next week because she saw that her grandson is interested and that it is something good for him. We were just walking past the house when she called out to us and at first she was very critical asking why we were sharing with her grandson but by the end she understood and was interested in our message.
I am sad to hear that the hunt was not overly successful but it definetly could have been worse. Here in Chile some people love Halloween and others hate it with a burning passion. We shall see what happens. (the pumpkins here are green, they dont have orange pumpkins)
It is super weird to hear that people at home are getting married. I dont know why but it is just so strange. Congratulations to Cameron and Travis. A family here in our ward wants to watch Mormon Movies and they are looking for the film where two inmates escape and pretend to be missionaries. What is that movie called? Also, I noticed that my debit card expires in January. Do I need to pull out all my money before January or do you think I can replace my card?
This week I was slightly less lost though I still cannot remember names. We managed to work with several members this week in order to visit people. This morning we spent all our time waiting in the PDI just to change our adresses in the Government records... oh well. Things you gotta do. I am doing well, just a little sunburned. I am getting along with my companion, at least for now. We also had interviews with the Mission President this week but I am not going home just yet so that is a good thing.
Referring to the package: I am glad you guys liked your gifts, the cats are technically chinese but you will not find a business here (any business) that does not have at least one of those cats. The cats are supposed to bring in luck and prosperity with their paw. 

Dear Grandparents,
It is weird to think that another hunting season has passed by. I cant remember an Elder Adams but the name sounds familiar. This apartment has some good things but it also has a few doors that are just too short. I have already hit my head 3 times... Thanks for your support. Love you.


My companion is a convert of 3 years. He read the book of Abraham first and knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet and then as a member he started to read the Book of Mormon. I have gotten to know a few people better but most of them I still cant match the names with their faces or their addresses...

 Halloween is Witch´s Night here in chile and the first of November is the day of the dead (I believe it is also All- Saints Day). We shall see how many crazy people there are here in Arica.

Take care Kate. IOU one gift that could not be sent...
Con amor, Elder Hunter

I love you guys.Time in the mission passes ridiculously fast so I will talk to you soon.
Con mucho amor, Elder Brock Hunter

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