Monday, November 2, 2015

Dear family,
This was an interesting week. A good week but definetly interesting. We were able to find several new families to teach out of nowhere. The Lord is helping move his work along. Sadly, only 1 investigator came to church this week but he is getting ready to be baptized in November so we will be happy for him while we are sad for the rest. Hurray for Francisco! 
Emanuel did not come to church this week. His Mom came down from the mine (she works 10for10) and she does not like us as much as Emanuel´s grandmother.
We have three people with set baptismal goals . If you want to pray for people then please include Francisco, Emanuel, and Royers (Rojers) in your prayers.

I had an intercambio with Elder Francis this week. The last time I was with him was 6 months ago in Copiapo. It is cool to find people again later in the mission. We are preparing a special musical number for when Elder Cook comes. I am learning to sing bass. There are two missionaries who know what they are doing (Elder Hinton and Elder Childs) and the rest of us are kinda lost but I think the song sounds pretty good. We are singing Praise to the Man (in spanish of course). I also had a heart to heart with my comp. Things have been better with him so far. Hopefully it continues.

Halloween was fun. Elder Mariscal and I switched name tags and we worked dressed as each other. No one seemed to notice but oh well. There were a lot of kids dressed up this year. We also found a lot of people who were completely against the holiday and they blame the North Americans for bringing it to their country. Oops. 

We have recieved a lot of help from the members recently. We have even been able to do splits and visit several families at a time. I have been able to do splits here more times in 4 weeks than I have the rest of my mission. It is weird sometimes to be with members instead of my comp but it is good.

I am very sad to hear about Nate Wagner. It is weird to hear that people I know are getting married but even weirder to hear that someone I know has passed away. 

I am glad that you guys enjoyed Halloween and I hope that you can get prepared for Thanksgiving. I look forward to being able to celebrate with all of you next year. But for now I have to focus on the mission. SO, I will talk to you guys next week. Love you, God bless and take care.
Con amor, Elder Brock Hunter

ps. I heard from a member that David Archuleta has a new song about Family History Work but they have only seen it in spanish. It is called Nunca Pensé (I never thought). I was wondering if it existed in english or not (as I cannot actively search on google as a missionary I hope that you can help me know)

This week has been interesting. To say the least. The way to celebrate day of the dead is to go to the cementery. We did not go but most everyone else did Saturday or Sunday

In truth, my garments are getting worn out. The tags at least are torn to shreds... you cant see my name anymore (and I have had to rewrite my name several times with a sharpy).  Garments, jerky, and a skype call should be good for Christmas this year. I still have the christmas decorations from last year and next year when I get home if you want you can give me more things. For now I don't need more "stuff" (nor do I have space for it). 

If you are determined to give me a "gift" this year then there are options to buy some personalized leather scripture cases here in Chile with the logo of the mission. If you send some money then that would be a great christmas/ birthday present for this next year.

Also, my mission leader here in Arica has a request. He wants a triple set of the scriptures with the gold leafing on the pages, tabs for the books, and his name on the front. Apparently you cant buy those here. He is willing to pay for it but was wondering if you could send it in the next package for me. His name is Javier Delgado.

Chile does not have any form of Thanksgiving. That is a gringo holiday.

That should do it for now. Take care Kate. Keep working hard.
con amor, Elder Hunter

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