Monday, June 6, 2016

Dear family,

It is getting to a point where I really don't know what to write. Well, before I forget Happy birthday to Matt and happy late birthday to Brooklyn.

Roger´s mom is slowly recovering. She still can't move her arm much. We were officially kicked out of and chewed out for the old pension. We found a place to rent and the office approved it but when they went to talk with the guy... it was already rented out. So we are living with the missionaries of Centenario (Elder Andersen and Elder Wanderley). There is only one bathroom but so far everything is going well.

I had actually had an intercambio on Tuesday so I was already over there earlier in the week. We spent a chunk of Thursday and the entire morning Friday to clean the pension. Then Friday afternoon we moved everything with the help of Diego Colque (a member) in only 3 trips. (though we threw away about half the stuff that was there, including couches, chairs, liahonas, and a mattress). That night we also received a surprise phone call saying that our mission was now going to follow the schedule that is in the Missionary Manual. Which means we get up an hour earlier and get home an hour earlier each day (it has thrown me off a bit so far). Saturday in the morning we turned over the keys and though we thought we had done a good job, we still got chewed out by the wife (the husband was more understanding).

Now that we are living outside the ward boundaries we are not looking for a mamita for food but we did find someone to help us with the clothes. The bad news is that while I am officially legal to leave the country, my new carnet (ID) will be ready on Thursday June 23... just a little late. But its enough.

For the next 2 weeks we will also be attending in the Stake Center instead of our chapel because they are changing the floor tiles for ceramic. This is the second time I have had to attend in the same Stake Center here in Antofagasta. Today we went to Centro as a District and I bought some more stuff... I hope I have room for it all. I will be leaving the majority of my clothes behind but the main problem will be weight...

Well, don't know what else to write so I wish you all a fantastic week and God bless. See you soon.

Con amor, Elder Brock Hunter

PS Tell all my grandparents that I love them and I look forward to seeing them again.  Tell them thank you for all of their support and prayers.

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