Sunday, August 17, 2014

Aug 11, 2014
I am mostly packed but I have one last load of laundry in the dryer. After that I can finish packing.
I need the dufflebag for weight purposes. My main bag is about 50lbs and the duffle bag is 30. Lots of books for language. Plus my carry-on has a weight limit for this next flight. Only 22lbs. makes it a bit harder to pack.

 We have 43 Missionaries on the flight to Santiago. Then we split to the various other missions. Yes, everyone in my district is going to Antofagasta. Apparently this is rare because everyone we tell this to seems surprised.

The haircut was a bit rough. Not like if Mimi, Karen, or Bonnie was doing it. They have one haircut that they give all the guys and they were going for speed, not accuracy. I got before and after pictures (but the after pic is after I fixed my hair with the trimmer on my razor) that I will send to you.

They used a buzzer for most of it. I actually thought "This is what it would be like to have Dad cut my hair." But then I thought "Ouch! Nope Dad would be nicer about it."

The woman who cut my hair was nice enough but she was shorter than Aunt Brenda and I had to slouch a lot. Plus, like I said, she was rough. She had a list of missionaries to get through that day and she was NOT going to slow down for anything.

I miss Kaitlin cooking me cookies and watching Clone Wars with Jake.

We didn’t fight anyone but it got close... some Elders get serious about their games of Cutthroat. Elder Childs, an elder in my district who is a huge softy, got scared during our first week. His companion, Elder Herd, jumped out from behind a closet and Elder Childs said "I will knock you out son!"  That is as close as our district has gotten to being pulled off people.

 I got my favorite meal at the CCM for lunch today. CHEESEBURGERS. I like it because on those days I get fry sauce. I have to make it and a few people give me odd looks but the ones from Utah and Idaho understand.

Advice for Brycen is, try to read through Preach My Gospel before the MTC. There is actually some cool stuff in there. Who knew!
Be sure to bring pictures of family with you (since i kinda forgot...)

Pray. A lot. About everything.

I got to go. Thanks for talking to me. I do not know if I get to call when I reach the Mission Home or not. I don’t know if I even get to email from there. I do not know when my first PDay will be in the field. Just keep me updated and I will talk to you guys as soon as I can.

Love you all,

Elder Hunter

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