Thursday, August 7, 2014

I am glad to hear dad's horse gather was successful, glad to hear Kate made the Soccer team, glad to hear Jake is staying busy with sports, and glad to hear Mom is almost ready for school. 23 kids in a class would be your smallest yet right? (I have to disagree with Dad and Jake. Mrs. Hunter just makes me run things out to her school. Tonya makes me clean, cook, and take pictures.)

People in my district are VERY talented at playing piano. I tried playing a few hymns but when you don't practice you lose it. Tell Jake I hated practicing too but when you can play that REALLY cool song on the piano its worth it.
I have been in 3 choirs since I came to the CCM. Does that count as making me do things? I usually just lead the music. 

Its cool that we have new neighbors. I hope the girls stay active. And I wish I could hear their accents. And I wish I could hear them speak Spanish with an Australian accent... Tell Kate to just be there friend. It is easier to convince people to come to mutual when they have friends there. That is why missionaries try to teach with a member present.

Glad that dad had a good birthday. I must say I miss grilling... though in Chile they supposedly have BBQ's for Christmas because they have nice weather in December. We shall see how it goes.
Speaking of Chile, I leave for Chile on Monday. I don't know all the details yet but I leave Monday night. They even made me get a haircut today so I will be ready for the mission field. We should be able to email later this weekend (or maybe Monday) when we know more.

My spanish has improved a lot since I got here but I know it is not anywhere close to where it needs to be. I will keep working on it. Though I fear my english gets worse at a faster rate than my spanish is getting better...

I am learning a lot about compromise being with a companion 24/7. We get along most of the time though.
I don't think I will have time to send pictures today and you guys did not give me any requests so you just get what you get. 

Amo ustedes y bueno suerte. Gracias por la cancion.
(Love you and good luck. Thank you for the song.)
Elder Hunter

Before you ask: yes, we are all wearing glasses. yes, the hermanas have matching dresses. yes, we attempted to make a rainbow with our ties only to have it be broken up.

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