Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Monument to the Sewers? Well that isn't as exciting as Quidditch goals or Lego arms but okay...  I don't know if anyone is on Missionary Mommas. The last names of everyone in my district though are Beltran, Shill, Herd, Childs, Barrington, Anderson, Maki, Andersen, Hermana Weber, Hermana Leonhardt, Hinton, and Cazador (spanish for Hunter. My Branch President calls me Elder Cazador). 

 The food here is hit and miss but they have this one cake that tastes just like Key Lime Pie.  You would enjoy it. My favorite meal here is hamburguesa con queso. Those are the days I get fry sauce. Talk about a piece of home. 

You should stay busy once school starts. I think its interesting that you go back to school right before I leave for Chile. My spanish has greatly improved since I got here but the Native Mexican speakers are saying that its hard for even them to understand Chilean Spanish. Plus they say "po"after everything for some reason. I'll keep working and trust in the Lord but I may have more than one "silent sunday"once I get there.

A quick overview of the last week: so I was in the Girls bathroom at the cafeteria (comedor) , no really, it was a service project. We do a service project every week on Friday. Once the bathrooms were clean we got to help in the actual kitchen. You get some perks if you can become friends with the kitchen staff. Then I actually did speak on Sunday. Our subject was the Apostasy and the Restoration. I feel like I did okay but I was reading directly from the page :P There were three of us from District 4D that had to talk last sunday. Also my companion Elder Hinton was given a calling as the Music Coordinator of our Branch until we leave. Then we found an area we have named Narnia. It's a group of trees on the edge of the CCM that has a Lamp Post in the middle. There is an old Amphitheater out there left over from when this was a High School. Its pretty cool. I was preparing for my talk last week and I used the Bible Dictionary quite a bit so that's what some of my studies have been based on. I can't understand all the conjugation changes in the Spanish scriptures yet so my language and gospel study has been separate. Yesterday we were "Hosts"to the new missionaries. They don't have enough workers to help everyone so we got to guide them to their rooms and give a brief tour. It was in English (which was good for them and us). I think that is most of the important points from my week so I will talk to you guys later. 

Yo siento amor para ustedes, mi amigos, los misioneros, los lideres de la Iglesia, Dios, Jesucristo, y la pueblo de Chile. Por favor ore para mi.

I feel love for you, my friends, missionaries, the leaders of the Church, God, Jesus Christ, and the people of Chile. Please pray for my.
Elder Hunter

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