Monday, September 29, 2014

I usually have a small list of things I want to tell you but I left the list at home today so I will just answer questions.

It is good that you are getting some rain. Utah definetly needs it.
Jake wants a computer? Really? I am sorry but what does a 10 year old need a computer for? Maybe when he turns 13. The party sounds like a blast. I wish I could have seen the trick candles.
The same four-point buck two days in a row? Better be grateful for those blessings you get while I am out here. We actually had a lesson in Elders Quorum yesterday about being grateful for what we have. So while Jake may be sad about missing the icecream science presentations he should be grateful for the chance to go hunting with dad. 

Is it really SEP week already? I just got your letter saying you had been in school for 2 days! Still no package by the way. I think I should get it in two weeks when we have Zone Meeting. 
I actually had an earthquake too. I think it was also 6.1. I was actually in the shower when the first earthquake hit and it just felt like the room was shifting a bit. Elder Stratford was in Iquique when the big earthquake hit there so he gets a bit nervous whenever we have an earthquake. 6.1 is a small earthquake here and is barely news worthy. 

I hope Grandma Hunter enjoyed her birthday. And it is great that we have another red head in the family. It is supposed to be warming up here pretty quick but it was a bit cold this week. Elder Stratford sent his sweater to be washed so he borrowed my sweater this week. (oh yeah, I bought a grey sweater). A lot of the members and investigators told me I should be careful in the cold weather and I should wear something to stay warm. All while Elder Stratford sits next to me in my sweater. It was pretty funny actually.

Investigators are okay. We did have more lessons this week and we had 2 amazing lessons with Jose and Lydia. The allowance we get is usually sufficient but we have to pay the water and electric bills for our pension each month. We get reimbursed (not sure how to spell that) but it takes a while to get the money back. After christmas just send me some pictures of everyone. Maybe a little cash. I dont want you guys to have to send big packages a lot. I have some stuff to send to you guys but I dont know how the mail here works... so... you might get it a bit late. Mammita is doing better. She went back to work this last week. She is our food mammita. The clothes mammita sometimes irons if she has time. It depends each week.

Elder Pineda is from Panama and has 13 months in the mission. He is almost a polar opposite from Elder Cardozo but its good. He does not understand english as well as Elder Cardozo did either but maybe that is for the best. I am taking pictures so dont worry. We had some small miracles. We try to have a Noche de Hogar (FHE) with a young man named Juan (or Juanito) every week. He is a fairly recent convert but only he and his younger brother are members. For the first time on Friday, Juans mom listened when we taught. We also showed a short video called "Thanks to Him". Very powerful video by the church.

I am looking forward to conference this weekend. I will be watching it live and in english apparently. It starts at 1pm here and the priesthood session should end at 11. There is only one night every year we can stay out past curfew and that is Saturday. WOOT! 

I love you guys and you are always in my prayers. Stay safe.
Elder Hunter

I hope you got a good part too. The weirdest thing I ate was either mote con wasillo or carne de burro... both tasted great but they were a little weird. I took pictures of the streets with everyones Chilean flags out and I took pics of the Ward Party. I hope I can find a way to show you the video of us singing. I didnt get it on my camera... sorry. I was preoccupied with singing a song we had learned and practiced for only 30minutes the night before.

The weird name of the week is CP-30. One of the members gave all the elders names from StarWars. We have Han Solo, Anakin, Luke, CP-30, and Mace Windu. Also, people call Elder Stratford: Elder Strong, Elder Stanford, Elder StarWars (and thus the other nicknames), and most commonly Elder Transformers.

It has been winter here so the sky is always overcast. I have no tan. I have bought a coin purse to keep my coins for the bus in. That is about it so far. I took some money off my personal account 2 days ago and I bought a few other things but I may need to draw out more cash again because I want to buy more socks. The ones I have are fine but if the Mammita is slow with the laundry I have to rewear socks. Fortunately I only have to do that with socks but still it is annoying.

I think I will wait til later in my mission to buy souveniers for everyone so I dont have to carry them to each new sector. I will buy Moms nativity scene if I ever find one but the stores are just getting ready for Halloween. It will be a while before the Christmas stuff is available. 

Have fun with school, sports, and life. Love you too sis. Elder Hunter

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