Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sept 22, 2014
It was a rough week for teaching. Everyone had guests over and did not have time for the missionaries to teach. It was good though. The ward activity was a huge success. Investigators and less active families came. The missionaries did a song called Rapa Nui, Mi Amor. There were games, dances, food, and a lot of people. We had Zone Conference on Friday. I finally saw President Dalton again and we spent the better portion of the day in meetings. It was good and I saw Elder Hinton again. There are four redheads in our zone and three of them are from Arizona. Go figure.
I have eaten barbaque almost everyday for the past week. And if not then I ate empinadas. And if not then we had mote con wasillo. (think that is how you spell that). Anyway it was a fun week if nothing else. We had transfers on Saturday and Elder Cardozo went to a different sector. The new Elder comes in this evening. I think he is from Panama but not sure.
Two days ago we went to visit one of our less active families that came to the activity. Hermano Gonzalez reminds me of Uncle B with his sense of humour but the spiritual part of the evening was the lesson we taught with his sister who was visiting. She is not a member but she knows a lot about the church. I have never felt so calm when bearing my testimony in spanish. All we did was challenge them to pray about any doubts or questions they have about the church but the spirit was strong.
I think it is unfair that you guys go on another trek after I leave. I never got a chance! I do use the handkerchief and I believe we watch conference in English at the chapel. They have two rooms set up. One for the Latin Missionaries and any investigators we have and the other room is for Gringos.
I don't know about paintball but there is a lot of grafitti here. 40% is actually art, 20% is 3D words, 20% is love message, and 20% is just defacement of public property. I still don't understand all the words in the grafitti but that may be a good thing. I found out that the computer places are Cibers(not cybers) and that the coffee substitute is Ecco. The spelling of everything here still confuses me sometimes.
No package yet and I wish Jake a happy birthday. Someone asked me if I was related to Matt Hunter. Apparently he is the Chilean version of Justin Beiber. Know anything about him?
You and Dad are accident prone. You need to be careful! Glad you are both healing up nicely. I did not get to see the re-dedication but it sounds like it was a great experience.
Tell Jake I have to pay for each time I want to use a computer so going one day without wifi is not too bad.
This week was rough because the 18th of September is a big holiday in Chile. The whole week is a party. Lots of good (and strange) food but little teaching. Pray that some investigators will actually go to church. That is all I ask.
Love ya sis and tell Jake Happy Bday. 

Gotta go but Love you all and I am praying for you. Elder Hunter

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