Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept 8, 2014
Hola familia,
4:30 church was a bit rough but we had a great testimony meeting anyway. Well, at least the other elders say it was great. I did not understand most of what was said but I could definetly feel the spirit. 

Antofagasta is the biggest city in the mission. There are about 50 missionaries throughout the city. Last Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting and I found out we have 16 missionaries in our Zone. Plus on Wednesday I had my first Intercambio. I went with one of the Zone Leaders and stayed a day in their sector. We did service by painting a house and managed to teach 2 lessons. They live with four elders in their pension too but it is 3 latinos and 1 gringo so there was A LOT of spanish that day. As for the city, concrete jungle. But there is only one area in the entire mission that is really green. The majority of the mission is just brown whether or not it is a concrete jungle. We have a lot of sand here. In Antofagasta they try to maintain a few city parks with grass and some houses have potted plants but other than that... we do have a lot of grafiti though. Some is actually pretty cool. My sector is closer to the mountains than the coast so we do a lot of walking uphill. It is nearly impossible to keep my shoes shined because of the sand but I try to shine them regularly. 

I am trying to understand all the missionary programs so we will learn things about technology together. I might buy a nativity set but I have not seen anything like that yet. As for the speaker... I have no clue. Good luck with that.

The tomatoes are fresh and apparently a little sweeter than the ones we have in the states. A Chilean Salad can consist of tomatoes and onions or tomatoes and avacado. Sometimes we actually get lettuce but only 40% of the time. We do get ketchup and mustard here but they come in bags usually. Not bottles. Same with the shampoo. We can buy snickers and oreos and most other big brands here. We drink a lot of bottled water in the pension but we usually get juice or soda at other places. I have tried so many kinds of juice here. I even like orange juice now. The sodas are half and half. Some are the same but others are different. The most common that we have in the states are Coke, Fanta, and Sprite.

We did a tie trade in the pension last night. I traded two and got five. I did not trade any in the CCM but Mom was right. Missionaries trade a lot of ties in the field. And our water heater (or south american equivelant) went out so now we have cold showers. It is just like my first week at the CCM. Except now I know I CAN have warm showers. I hope we can fix it before I get hypothermia.

When I talk about the Bybees or the Callahans with the people here I just refer to them as family. So Karen and Shawn and Lindsey and Corey are now my Aunts and Uncles but Brycen is still just my friend serving a mission in New Jersey... it was easier to explain that way with the spanish I have right now. Speaking of Brycen can someone give me his mission email? Also can I get a list of everyones birthdays? I know Mom and Dad have had theirs and that Jakes is coming up but I want to be able to write everyone a short note for their birthdays. Also, HAPPY ANIVERSARY!!! Well, in three days from now but this counts right?

They have Daylight Savings Time over here too but because we are in the Southern Hemisphere it is the opposite of the states. So I was 3 hours ahead but soon I will be 5 hours ahead. How do you like that? 

Finally, can you get on my Facebook and change my secuirity settings? I have members that want to friend me but my page is blocked to the public. Normally this would be a smart secuirity measure but when I meet people from another country... it just makes things annoying. My profile is my email and the password should be on the list I left you. Just make my profile open to the public and leave it as Brock Hunter. I just want to be able to accept their friend requests when I get home. You can just continue posting mission stuff on the blog. I dont need it on facebook too. At least not yet.

I have eaten some questionable chicken. I like my chicken white, not red, but I am not dead yet so I guess its okay. I have no injuries to report from Chile except some papercuts. Glad the school dance was fun. Good luck with the ballet auditions. 

Good luck to all the Hunter Men on the Elk Hunt. Hope Dad feels better and that he can get his work done AND have a good time hunting. Elder Stratford, my companion, has never been hunting before. That seems so odd to me but I guess he went to the beach at least once a week so... you really do get to know all kinds of people on the mission.

I think the mural depicted Utah Pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley. We can get ketchup and mayonaise but I have not seen miracle whip yet. 

I recieved the snail mail letter last Monday after I wrote. I cant find hot chocolate anywhere. But otherwise I am living comfortably. 

Love you all. I am praying for you. Good luck with School, Work, and Sports.
Elder Hunter

Dear Jake,
I am glad you are starting to like reading. I only have one Harry Potter book I believe and that is book seven. I got the rest from the library. I might have a few others but I know I do not have all 7. I do have all the Percy Jackson books though. They are down in my closet. I cant remember if I have Fable Haven 5...

I hated practicing the piano too bud. But you know what? They did ask me to play the piano at a District Meeting (have dad explain what that is) and I was gonna play at a baptism for one of the ward members but I ended up leading the music instead. Also, one of the ward members asked me to teach their son piano. I am not sure if I am able to yet but it could happen. Playing an instrument is a great talent to have and one day the girls will love that you can play the piano. Remember that Jake. 

The meals here are different. I cant finish lunch sometimes because it is so big but then I am starving by the time we go home for the day. At least you guys get leftovers.

Try not to break Moms new phone before I get to see it okay? Good luck in school and sports little man.
Elder Haunter (like that one purple ghost pokemon because apparently it is pronounced the same way here)

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