Monday, October 6, 2014

We sing at Church meetings, we sing in the pension (in English and Spanish), and sometimes with members. 
I would ask that you do not lie to me in your letters. And I know you are lying because there is no way the triplets can be 11 already. (By the way, the Bishops youngest son reminds me of Cooper.)
The Chileans try to emulate America in a lot of ways so they do celebrate Halloween. As for what we do on Halloween as missionaries I have no idea.
What were the languages spoken during Conference? Cantonese, Portuguese, 2 in Spanish, and what else?
You can wear the sweatshirt but if you break it, or spill on it, or anything else, you buy it.
Be sure to read the conference talks when they are available. I read through all the conference talks from this spring before Saturday. You can feel the spirit when they speak but you notice different things when you read it.
Elder Hunter

Congrats on the football game. That is awesome! (by the way, what is a pick six?)
I really liked a lot of the talks but one of my favorites was Neil L. Anderson´s talk on Saturday Afternoon.
Sounds like you guys are staying busy over there. That's good. 
Talk to ya later. Keep me updated.
Elder Hunter

Mom and Dad,
I answered some of those things in my letter to Mimi so you can ask her. (sorry but typing takes too long)
Birthdays everywhere! You sent me a list of birthdays and I still get behind. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LINDSEY, ALEX, RILEY, SYDNIE, GRANDPA MELLOR, AND COOPER. There. Now I should be good til December. Tell me how Lindsey´s hunt goes.  Also, Congrats to Kenzie on the Nursing Program. That's amazing.
Tell me how Grandpa does with the surgery. I will definitely be praying for him.
The pension is fine. We usually cook breakfast for ourselves and then sometimes we eat dinner. The only time we really eat together at the pension is if we have a barbecue. I have not tried many new recipes because I am trying to be careful with my money. I think I am getting fatter... I don't have a scale to check but that is the way I feel. The shoes are fine. I wear one pair of black and one pair of brown shoes. No blisters yet. There are dogs everywhere. Some are family pets and some are strays. Usually the strays leave you alone and the family pets bark at you. Go figure.
Investigators did not watch conference. Though not for a lack of inviting. We even sent the Bishop to pick up one family but to no avail. I knew about the movie Meet the Mormons before conference but I don't know a lot about it. Sorry but I have no tips for the Young Women's Night. I receive revelation for my area, not the young women back home. Helaman 5 :12 is a good scripture about being firm in Christ.
Quick paragraph about everything else I want to say. Elder Stratford broke his bed. He literally bent the metal. We switched mattresses because now he sleeps on the floor. I just noticed this past week that the chapels here don't have drinking fountains. Which makes sense since the tap water is not safe to drink but still. I got a haircut from Elder Stratford last PDAY. Just a buzz all over but it works. I actually did receive the package. I was surprised but grateful.  Thanks for the snickers, the cinnamon bears, the mp3, the speakers, and the pictures. We had interviews with the President last Wednesday or Tuesday... cant remember. It went fine but it is still a little awkward when I talk to him. I get along with Sister Dalton better so far. You realize that a lot of people know the missionaries once you are one. You also realize that a lot of the people that know the missionaries are drunks... but I will save those stories for another day.
Love you all. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong.
Elder Hunter

Well Miss Cinderella, er... Aunt Mimi,
I do remember ScareCrow Joe. He lasted through Helper and several years in Enoch. He was my favorite Fall decoration. The other Senior Couple are not Mission Presidents. The man is Elder Garrison and he is the Mission Doctor. His wife is Sister Garrison (go figure right?) and she does a lot of office stuff. Neither of them speak Spanish and they have nearly a year in the mission.
We are headed into Spring over here. They do celebrate Halloween. (in a lot of ways Chile is like a mini America) I don't know all the holidays they have that we don't. They decorated with Flags and banners for the 18th of September. The 18th is the anniversary of the first council of something... I don't really know. I just know it is NOT their Independence Day. We watched Conference at the Stake Center. We had a room just for the Gringos. It was in English but for the two talks in Spanish we listened in Spanish. (no, I did not understand all of the Spanish talks) There are very few trees here. Very little green except for areas that are constantly maintained by the City. Because it is spring here the trees are not changing colors. They have a fall season but it is mainly just a change in temperature. It is always just brown and dry. They have something called Manjar here which is like a sweeter version of caramel. They make a lot of deserts with that including Chilean Pancakes. The thing I have not liked as much is lentil soup. Very bland... not bad just bland. I have not learned to cook anything yet but I want to. A few more days of sprinkling but not heavy rain like the one day. I am CP30 the taller robot if that helps you. I still suck at soccer. I finally got a few goals but truly my ball handling is horrible. The ward has close to 500 members in its boundaries. About 120 are active. I have lead the music but never played the piano. The ward is big enough that I have not done a quadruple and likely will not in this ward. I need to shine my shoes but no holes yet. I have pictures I just need to send them.
Send this letter to my mom too please. I don't want to rewrite all that :P
Love you Mimi. Have fun with your busy life. 
Elder Hunter

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