Monday, October 13, 2014

That is all the pics I want to send right now. I have a few videos but they are too large to send through email. You have to wait on those. Turns out I do have a video of me singing Rapa Nui Mi Amor but it is too big to send. And it cuts out before the end. But you get to see the part of the song I am now famous for so that is good. I gotta go but love you all. Stay well. Send requests for pictures. Apologize to Mimi for me because many of my photos don't have me in them.

I am glad Grandpa Mellor is doing well after the surgery. I am also glad Scarecrow Joe is alive and well. Mimi asked me about him last week actually. Also, tell Lindsey congrats. For the elk, not the broken nose.

I am writing in my journal. I have an entry for every day. Not always a good entry but I write something everyday. I feel like I have already forgotten to write a few things but what can you do?
The toilets here are better than the ones in the US I think. The overall plumbing system maybe not but the toilets yes. As for which way it flushes... I have not looked or noticed. Sorry.
I did know about the Candy Bomber. It is a great story. I will have to see the movie(Meet the Mormons) when I get home.
We have transfers every six weeks. That will happen again the first weekend of November. Our investigators are doing well for the most part. We had 7 new investigators this week so hopefully good things will happen with them.

Elder Malan was transferred on Tuesday. There were problems in Iquique and they needed to switch some people around. Elder Malan went there and a new Elder named Elder DeLaMare came here. Elder DeLaMare has 3 weeks in the field and he is 6 foot 7 inches. I look short next to him. He is from West Valley, Utah and his sport of choice? YOU GUESSED IT! Baseball. He was a pitcher on his team and has a sports scholarship at Salt Lake Community College.
We have one person we know for sure will be baptized. His name is Nicholas and he is the nephew of the Bishop. He may be the only one I baptize with Elder Stratford but baptisms are only part of the work

Jake .I don't get a workers holiday. I guess I should have done all my homework huh?
Keep up the hard work buddy. Love you,

Kate - yes he is on the floor and likely will be until he leaves. No idea what the next comp will do about it though...
Soccer is still going strong here even if it ended for you. Though Elder Stratford may have broken a toe the last time we played so I don't know if we will play again before he leaves.
It is warming up here. I have officially been sunburned. Time to break out the sunscreen and aloe vera. I walk a lot. A LOT. Depends on the day though. We try to plan so we don't walk as much.
Good luck with Ballet. Love ya.

Love you guys and I pray for you every day. Stay awesome. Elder Hunter

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