Monday, October 27, 2014

This week has been interesting. Nicolas was baptized and confirmed this weekend. We were at the chapel from 8 30 to 11 getting ready. The service started around 11 15. We filled the font and had problems with the water, we printed programs but the printer was running out of ink, and we had to clean a ton because the chapel still had construction stuff everywhere. Oh yeah, we were back in our chapel this week. we got a surprise during sacrament when our Ward Mission Leader became the Elders Quorum President. The old Elders Quorum President is now second counselor in the Bishopric and the old counselor is in the Stake. We find out what exactly his calling is next Sunday.

The picture was DeLaMare and Pineda. One of the members here decided to look up all the missionaries they knew  on Google and Elder Stratford had a few pics, Elder Pineda had none, Elder Delamare had a couple, and I am apparently famous. I will try to get the pics you wanted before Elder Stratford leaves next Monday.

Halloween is new here and not everyone likes it. Some people, members and nonmembers, feel it is a satanic holiday. Others see it as candy, costumes, and commercialism in general. The ward will not do anything to celebrate officially.

It is good to hear that Grandpa is recovering well. Tell Grandpa and Grandma Hunter to be healthier too. Their letter was all about Doctors Appointments. Also congrats on taking the young couple through the temple. Glad Jake won his last game. Glad you got some cleaning done (we had to stuff and fluff today when Elder Garrison came to inspect the apartment). 

So last week the only thing I forgot to mention was the service we did. We helped an investigator with her roof. We cleaned and rearranged tiles (not tiles like we have in the states though. it was a bit different). There was so much dust and so many spiders. Plus I was the only one on the actual roof. Fun mission stories I guess.

I had an intercambio with the District Leader on Wednesday. His name is Elder Antonio and he is from Mexico. He is a member of 3 years. He is 27 years old. He is a bit odd but he has a strong testimony. On Friday we had a Noche de Hogar with the same investigator that we fixed the roof for. Her name is Maria Araya and she has had a rough life. Cant remember if I told you about her before or not. We had the Cisternas Family join us for this lesson and we watched  Finding Faith In Christ. We used a computer screen, a keyboard for speakers, her blind son Francisco kept making comments the whole time and her mentally handicapped daughter kept bothering Elder Stratford. Plus it was spiritual and Maria now has friends in the ward. All in all a memorable evening.

Today the four of us climbed one of the mountains along with two members. I found out just how out of shape I am. I was dying the whole way (could not breathe and my legs hurt. literally shaking from exhaustion) I think I struggled a lot with all the sand too. It just saps your energy. Plus, I even puked once on the way up. I probably should have eaten a better breakfast and drank more water. (Elder Stratford has a video of me puking) The others were very patient and willing to help.  I took pictures at the top and felt a lot better going down.  After I puked I did not know if I could continue to the top or not. The others, especially Elder DeLaMare and Jonathan (one of the members) continued to encourage me and helped me finish the journey. I think Christ does that too. When we feel like we cant go any farther He is there to help and encourage us. (and yes. I just tried to make a story of me being out of shape and puking into a spiritual thought)

When we got back from the hike, Elder Garrison did a surprise inspection of the apartment. Elder Garrison and his wife are the only senior couple in the mission. We replaced Elder Stratford's bed but we still have to put the new one together. He might just stay on the floor tonight.

I think that is it for this week. We are in Centro right now because a store had a sale on suits. $60 USD for a suit, shoes, and tie. None of us bought anything but maybe on a different PDAY. 

Love you all. Wish you all success in your endeavors. I am praying for you.
Elder Hunter

Dad, I read your talk. You have a few spelling and grammatical errors. Good thing you knew what you wanted to say.

Thanks. A talk about fulfilling a calling when you feel insufficient is just what I needed right now. Next week Elder Stratford leaves and I am in charge of the sector. I am sure I will still be Junior Companion but since I know the people and the area I will be in charge for at least 2 weeks. Thank you again for your counsel. I am sure it helped the people in Enoch 5th Ward too.

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