Monday, November 17, 2014

If you are going to play with the big dogs you might get a little beat up. That is just the way it goes. In this picture it is steak. I think it was steak... now I am not really sure... hmmm. Well, it was meat so I ate it.
Love you bud, Elder Hunter

Sorry you were sick. I have a little cold right now too but its nothing bad. Its just that cold that goes down to your lungs and makes my voice drop an octave. 

You guys have snow? I wish we had snow. It is getting hot and it gets hotter every day. I don't know if I can survive the heat down here.
I am glad my story inspired you for your talk. The apostles often use parables like the Lord did to teach. I think it helps people to comprehend when they can picture something physical.
Tell Grandpa and Grandma that I love them. 
Thanks Dad. I love you. Elder Hunter
I never read "The Help". You cannot use a quote from something I have never read. How am I supposed to recognize it? Therefore, the statement about bad grammar stands. (at least use quotation marks next time)
It is very hot down here and it is supposed to get hotter. Elder Riveros and I are getting along just fine. The Spanish is coming. I use the dictionary a lot now.
Enjoy the snow. They are kids down here that don't know what rain is let alone snow. 
Love ya sis, Elder Hunter

I got the letter that you sent over a month ago. Elder Stratford cut my hair the first time and Elder DeLaMare cut it last Monday. My hair is very short right now but you get what you pay for. (and this haircut was free)
I will try to speak in English or in Spanish and it comes out as Spanglish. So neither one is doing very well at the moment. There was definetly a transition period but Elder Riveros and I get along fine now.
The shopping thing just depends. We never carry very much money on us but we are discouraged from using our card too much as well. The money thing goes like this. 1000 pesos is about 2 dollars (1000 is the smallest bill). So we just double the price more or less. If a box of cereal costs 4000 pesos it costs about 8 US dollars. The bills and coins have the amount written on them so that helps. Budgeting skills are being tested but I do pretty well.
I ended up on the roof because Elder Stratford fell through the roof during a service activity earlier in his mission. When he landed a rusty nail went through his shoe, his pants, and into his leg. So he kind of does not like roofs now... go figure.
Our apartment is higher up on the hill. We are well within the safety zone for a tsunami. We used Raid to kill the fleas but I think there are still a few somewhere in the apartment. Elder DeLaMare, Elder Pineda, and I all got bit. Somehow Elder Riveros has avoided the fleas entirely. The bites still itch... so yeah. For our barbaques we normally grill chorriso which is a type of sausage (i think).
So Matt finished his mission? That is awesome! Send him my regards but I wont be able to see him for awhile.

Mom, I love you, but there are some things I do not believe you would react well to. So yes, in letters to other people sometimes there are other details. This does not happen a lot but it happens. I write in my journal every night so you can read that after my mission if you want to know.  Or you can convince the other people to talk. Either way.
I usually get between an hour to 2 hours to use the computer on Pday. It depends on what else we have to do that day. It can take a little while to read everyone's letters but I love getting messages from everyone so don't stop writing.
This week we had zone conference. That is why I received your letter. (the letter might get to the mission office beforehand but I don't receive it til one of the leaders goes to the office and picks up the "pouch".) We had a meeting with our new mission leader. He is excited to work. Great things should happen if he and the ward continue to have this kind of "animo". We had an activity called "Puertas Abiertas". It was an open house of our chapel. It was not a "Grand Slam" as far as activities go but there was definite success and the ward had fun doing it. I was in the baptismal font with Elder DeLaMare and we demonstrated how to perform a baptism (sin agua).  On Sunday I had an interesting experience. Cambell (not sure if that is how you spell his name) is from Australia. He is here on a service program to teach kids English. He speaks VERY little Spanish. His host family is a part-member family. He leaves Chile in 2 weeks and decided to finally go to church and see what it is like. I acted as an interpreter for him during the lessons. I really hope I did not confuse him more but he said he had a good time. We had a family home evening last night with a recent convert. We taught her daughter the Restoration. Tuvemos cualquier miembro alla. It was good but I felt like we were ganging up on her a little bit.
I think that is it for this week. I forgot my camera cord (sorry) so maybe next week I can send pics. Love you Mom. Tell everyone else I love them too. talk to you next week. Elder Hunter

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