Monday, November 24, 2014

So first thing first, there is no Thanksgiving here in Chile. No hay Dia de Gracias aqui. Thanksgiving is specifically an American Holiday. I don't know if I will do anything to celebrate.

This past week was kinda lazy. Except I worked with the President of the Mission on Tuesday. And there was a Talent Show on Friday. But other than that...

President Dalton has a little bit of time every third month or so to go out with the missionaries. He picked two companionships (that I know of) and worked one afternoon with them. It was nice because every lesson counted as a "with member lesson" and we drove around in his Ford Explorer. He knows what we need to do to be successful in this mission so it was a great learning experience to work with him.
 Then on Friday we had a talent show. It started at 9 pm and went until 1 am. We left at 10 but the acts I saw were good. I especially liked the Youth of the ward. They did two sketches. The first was the joke "How many members of this church organization does it take to fix a light bulb?" The second was two musical numbers from the Disney Movie Enchanted. As the Obra Missional we did a sketch about two friends who are in the pre-earth life. One will be born in the gospel and the other will not. The one makes a promise to find and teach his friend the gospel. It was spiritual and funny too. Our Mission Leader is new and he was very nervous to get in front of the crowd. (it was a full house. we had 3 investigators at the Talent Show and the other elders had 2). 

It is usually around 70 to 80 degrees here but the suns rays make it feel hotter. I have not taken a pic with my mammitas yet (sorry, I was lazy) and I cannot send pics today because the Ciber we are in does not have USB ports on their computers. I could use a floppy disc though. Go figure.
My clothes are holding up still. My shoes for sports and service are pretty beat up though. And a few shirts have stains... the one with the huge pizza stain was not my fault though. I was a victim with that one. and apparently I need more ties. Usually the missionaries give ties to their converts and special members of the ward before they leave. I have only given one to Elder Stratford so far but I can definetly see how fast I could go through ties.

The investigators are doing okay. Mario is getting ready for his baptism on the 6th of December and I think Maria Araya will be ready by then too. When Elder Stratford left some of the investigators lost interest too which is sad but it is their choice. We have found some new people and some people that I met during my first Cambio have regained interest. You just never know.

I think that is it for this time. I wish you all good luck with your endeavors. I always pray for you. Love you all. 

Dad, I hope you can get all the horses you need before it really starts to snow. I will not have to worry about snow or shoveling snow for a little while. 

I know the time will pass by quickly. I just wish I could have started my mission with the spanish and knowledge I have now. I feel that by the time I switch sectors I will feel confident with my spanish. Obviously I will have to keep working and studying to improve it but I think I will be confident in my conversations. (especially with Elder Riveros as my companion. LOTS of Spanish practice)

I hope you guys enjoy Thanksgiving. Also, today I learned about a Church project called "He is the Gift". There is supposed to be a lot of effort put into this so I hope you guys can use it too. 
Love you Dad. Thanks for being an example.

Jake, Sounds like you had a good time at the tournament! Congratulations Jake! 
What do you mean it was your last recital? You should continue practicing piano for as long as you are able to. It can be hard, and I know it is not always fun, but when you can play any song you want because you are so good then it will all be worth it.

Moses 1:39 is a good scripture.  Love you bud. Have fun with the cousins.

Kaitlin, I still itch and why did no one else mention that Dennis and Becky are serving a mission in Canada?! I did not even know they had sent in papers.

As far as Spanish jokes, take a joke in English and translate it. It is about as simple as that. There are some jokes that apply specifically in Chile and others that apply specifically for Missionaries but I am not very good at jokes in Spanish (to which my companion can attest).

Love ya sis. 

Mimi, I hope you feel better now. To not be able to speak is killer (I have had a little experience with that recently).

And there have only been like four things that I have not told my mom. I am not THAT stupid (and certainly not that brave). The story of my mission so far is that other people laugh and I still don't understand the joke. A few other things happened but to sum it up in one sentence, its like that. 

Love you Mimi. Enjoy Thanksgiving. 
Elder Hunter

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