Monday, November 10, 2014

Okay. Sorry about last week. After we dropped off Elder Stratford at the mission office we went shopping in Centro. But then when we needed to go pick up Elder Riveros we could not find the right bus. We finally got to the Bus Station but we were a little late. Then the member that was going to pick us up had truck problems so we had to call around and find someone else. By the time we got back to the apartment we did not have very much time left for PDAY. We got on to write just a little bit and then we had to shop for the week. Now that I have that explained, this is what happened last week.

We (Elder Stratford and I) met a Columbian couple that just recently opened a bakery (don't know if I wrote about them before). Jose and Blanca are very receptive and Jose had practically memorized the Restoration Pamphlet by the time we saw them again. We can only teach them while they are working, which is rough, but they are eager to learn. We often eat while we teach them too. They have some REALLY good empanadas, pizzas, and chaparitos. They are reading the Book of Mormon together and they read 2 or 3 chapters each night.

Next, we did more service on the roof of Maria Araya's house. I was the only one to actually go up again. I am glad to help but there are some BIG spiders on that roof and I don't know what spiders are dangerous here in Chile. But that is not the great news about Maria. The great news about her is she has gone to a Relief Society Activity and has come to church twice so far. She has a baptismal date set for the 6th of December. She may need a little longer than that to feel prepared and to receive her answer but the goal is the 6th. Mario Guerra also went to a Priesthood activity the same night that Maria went to the Relief Society activity. The ward is doing a good job of welcoming them in.

There were a lot of people who were sad to see Elder Stratford go. He took a lot of pictures and we ate a lot of food the week before he left. Halloween was interesting. It was just like a normal day for us but there were a lot of kids out in the streets. Also, the 31 of October is Evangelical Day here and the Evangelicals HATE Halloween because of that. 

I cant remember if I told you but I climbed that hill again. I did not puke but I was still dead tired at the end. The view was a little clearer the second time and in truth it was easier going up. I am not sure if I was really THAT out of shape the first time or if I just needed to eat a better breakfast.

You may remember that I wrote about an investigator named Paolo. Turns out his name is Pablo. Neither Elder Stratford or I had any idea until he wrote down his facebook account for Elder Stratford. He talks so fast that we could not understand him. 

So my new companion is Elder Riveros from Paraguay. He has 8 siblings and he is the first missionary. He does not speak English. His personality and teaching style are very different from Elder Stratford so it has taken a bit of adjusting to work with him. He is a good Elder though. With his help Maria, Mario, and Lydia (spouse of Jose Riquelme) all have baptismal dates for the 6th of December. I think only Mario is a guaranteed baptism that day but we will be working hard to help prepare the others.

I gave my first blessing of comfort in Spanish to Mario Guerra right before he left for Peru again. I have officially given a blessing of comfort, a blessing of health, and an anointing in Spanish. Well, actually several anointing's and two blessings of health but who is counting?

Our apartment had fleas this week. Elder Stratford left his mission without ever having a problem with fleas. Lucky guy. Flea bites itch. I believe we have it taken care of now but fleas really suck. I understand why dogs and cats scratch themselves so much now.

I hope this week makes up for last week. If I have time I will try to send some photos too. Love you all and you are always in my prayers. Until next week.
Elder Hunter

PS The new names for the week are Elder Hoonter, Hermano Hunter, and Elder Brock.

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