Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I am well but I am tired. It was an 8.5 hour bus ride to Copiapo. I am now serving in the Barrio Los Minerales. My companion is Elder Juan David Ortega. He is from a small town close to Santiago, Chile. He does not speak english very well but wants to learn.

Copiapo is not close to the sea but it is A LOT more green. I have not taken any photos yet. I will probably take photos next Monday and send them the following week. Last night I met the Mamita de comida and the Bishop with his family. I met the Mamita de ropa this morning.

I traveled at 12 yesterday. The bus ride was long but there are worse trips. Arica to Vallenar is about 23 hours. The pension here is not as big as the last one but we are just 2 Elders so we will see how I adjust. The bathroom is made for people much shorter than me though.

Can you make me a copy of the missionary stories? But then you can keep it in the house until I get back. Unfortunately I have too much stuff and not enough space. I barely managed to fit what I have in my bags. I have three options: learn to pack better, send stuff home, or leave stuff in the pension and buy everything new in the next area. I will try option 1, maybe option 2, and will try to avoid option 3.

I continue to pray for Grandma Hunter to heal well and rapidly. I hope that you guys can get the tub problem worked out. (I have my own shower problem now.)

I forgot to bring my journal and I did not read it before leaving today either. All this traveling has got me confused. I dont know where all my stuff is... the point is that next week I will try to write more about what happened my last week in Bolivar and my first week in Los Minerales. 

I love you all. I pray for you. I will see if I have time to send pictures today.
Con mucho amor, Elder Hunter

Chad:  So uncle Dennis went to a fireside at the MTC this Tuesday night. Him and Becky sat down and another couple came and sat down by them. The couples name is brother and sister Lawrence. There were hundreds of couples there but this particular couple set by Dennis. They started to ask what were their mission where were they going ect. The Lawrences said they're going to be in a mission presidency in chile. Dennis asked if it was northern chili. They said yes Antofagasta.  uncle Dennis said I think I have a nephew there. Being in the mission presidency they had pictures of all of the companionships that are there right now. So sister Lawrence looked you up and showed him a picture of you and your companion. Dennis said yep that's him. Next time you see him slap him hard on the back of the head and tell him that is from his uncle Dennis. So watch out if you meet brother and sister Lawrence they'll be out there next week sometime. It is a small world. With all those missionary couples they sat next to Uncle Dennis kind of funny. Hope they get to see you and tell you about it. just had to share with you while I was thinking about it.
Love you

Elder Hunter: Dennis wrote me about that experience too but said the last name was Stewart... I will find out soon enough if they are coming here. 
You know that the Lord has a sense of humour when seemingly miraculous coincidences like that happen.

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