Monday, January 19, 2015

Kaitlin: The Godhead can be a little tricky to teach but it is OH SO IMPORTANT. Many people just do not understand that they are 3 distinct individuals. We have God, our Eternal Father; Jesus Christ, our Savior, and the Holy Ghost, who testifies of the truth. This has been a stumbling block for a few investigators.

As for your calling, I have this advice; pray hard and work harder. I have no idea what your calling will have you do but do your best and work with those around you.

I am always red but occasionally I peel. It is usually between 70 and 90 degrees at any given time.

(from Kaitlin) Haven't had any snow for a bit but it's chilly... Haha it's funny because right now in Chile it's hot, and here it's chilly.. Haha punny :)

Humor definetly changes in the mission but I can't say I miss jokes like that. Sorry Kate.

Love you and good luck with your new part in the ballet.
Elder Hunter

Dear everyone in the family who is not Kaitlin because she already got her own letter this week,
Tell Grandma Hunter that I love her too and I am praying for her. I am very happy to hear that she is recovering well. I will try to follow the advice given to me by Grandpa and Grandma Hunter.
(Don't break your hip)
I think I already asked you guys not to lie to me in your letters. And if that is the case then why did you say that Dad gave a talk on the pioneers and did not break down? He always gets emotional talking about the pioneers (I do too for the record). Sounds like a really good talk. Any chance you could send me a copy? 

A robot competition? Is Jake becoming a nerd too? Well, at least he will be a nerdy jock and not the other way around like I was. Also, congrats on the Hunter Safety stuff buddy. Just remember to always be careful, guns are serious business.

It is weird to hear that you will soon have 12 new beehives. There are 7 Young Women total in this ward and 11 Young Men. 

Thank you for your prayers on my behalf and for your prayers for those people with whom I share the gospel.
As far as the package goes that sounds great. I cannot think of anything else I need right now.

So last Sunday the battery of my watch died. I looked down at the time during priesthood meeting but the time was not there. I always like to have a watch so I bought a cheap watch for $8 on Monday after I emailed you guys. Then that watch broke 5 hours later... dumb wrist strap. I have a pocket watch now. I did not include a watch in the things I need because we have cambios this Saturday and if I go to Iquique or Arica I will be able to find a better quality watch for cheap.

I am not sure if you should send the khaki pants. Khaki pants are bad luck. On one pair I spilled super glue and then this past week a dog peed on me while I was wearing the other pair of khaki pants. Guess I should have expected it from a dog named Loki. Trickster indeed.

President Dalton wants us to do our family history. I will use the pedigree chart to do what I can but for names of Great Uncles and Great Aunts I will need help. I think I am doing this up to my Great Great Grandparents and their siblings. President wants us to have this as an example to show our investigators and the less active members.

The only other thing I have to say this week is that I walked a lot and taught little. Many people went to the beach or are out of town for vacations. Gotta love summer time. I know one family that went to the beach for 6 days in a row (including Sunday) and did not go for 7 because one day was cloudy. Oh well. We just have to work hard with the people that ARE here. We have one investigator with a baptismal date but until she goes to church we can not consider her "progressing". Why does the beach and jobs have to get in the way of going to church?

I am doing well (even if I am sweating a lot) and I want you to know that I pray for you guys everyday. I read some advice that Jason gave me that said "Remember to smile always. Always Brock." It really changed my week. Walking in the sun is not my definition of fun but trying to smile has really lifted my attitude. I encourage you guys to try it too when you are having a rough time.

Love you all. Stay well. I will send a few pics today.
Elder Brock Hunter

They burn these things in order to bring them luck in the new year (or something like that)
Personally I think they just like fire. (they being chileans in general)

Tangled Lanters

Rooftop Fireworks

Zone Meeting

Service for Hermano Margot and Hermano Lestor

Hermano Lestor


Hermano Lestor and his daughter Tonka

These houses were not here one month ago

Bolivar Missionaries
Elder Hunter, Elder Riveros, Elder Pineda, Elder DeLaMare

Family Cisternas

Not my papitos but I love this family

Think I have a watch line??

I like sunsets....

Love the grafiti

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