Monday, February 9, 2015

Dear Kaitlin, You are spoiled. That is all.
Love Elder Hunter

Dear Family,
 Grandma Mellor bought genealogy stuff. Like what? I am interested but I honestly dont know what to use besides the internet. And even then I dont know how to use it very effectively. I am still new to all this stuff...(haha apparently mom wrote bought not brought in her letter to Brock)

I am glad that Dad got the bathroom situation at Grandma and Grandpa Hunter's house fixed. Sounds like it was a bit more than he had planned but if it all worked out then that is the important thing. I am glad that both Grandpa and Grandma are at home and doing well.

Kaitlin is spoiled. I am sure she is very grateful for her phone and will work hard to pay her part but she is spoiled. It sounds like Jake is working hard in basketball. Keep up the effort buddy. I hope the youth are all excited for the Trek. I am a bit mad that I missed both treks but I know you guys will have a great time and be able to feel the spirit.

The hat was just a hat in the House of Paulo Sanchez. Elder DeLaMare wanted to wear it. I took a picture. That is about it.

Elder Ortega is fine now. The Mission Doctor had us rest Monday and Tuesday and he was fine on Wednesday. We still dont know what happened. There are 30 or so missionaries in Copiapo if I remember right. There were 48 in Antofagasta and Copiapo is a smaller city than Antofa. Elder Hinton is in the OTHER zone. We do not see each other very much. There are 2 zones in Copiapo.  The Candelaria is still going on. It goes from Wednesday to Wednesday if I am not mistaken. We went to hand out church materials at the Feria on Saturday and we went shopping today. There is a lot of variety there. You could buy a turtle, curtains, t-shirts, wrenches, zumba dvds, army surplus, sunglasses, a stone Buddha, a saddle blanket, perfume, gag gifts, pictures of Christ, a fishing pole, tupperware, ect. And that is just one side of the street.

Copiapo is the city and Los Minerales is the ward. The stake is also Copiapo. I can buy sunscreen here (and believe me I am using it every day). I have not recieved the pants but it is possible that I will get them tomorrow when we have Zone Meeting. The thought that my birthday is coming up is really weird so I am going to think about something else so that I dont get trunky.

The investigators with the most possibility of being baptized are Tello, Juan Carlos, and Charlie. Tello is afraid of the water, Juan Carlos has to get married, and we need to teach Charlie the first lesson... but all of them have come to church which is a very good thing.

The other things to write about are: 1) we had a movie night with 17 Miracles but it was a bit of a failure with problems with the sound system. Subtitles and no sound... everyone was getting bored. The popcorn was good though. 2) there are ants everywhere here. In the church, in the houses, on my toothbrush, in my Journal, ect. I can not say that I am a fan. 3) Remember the story of the 33 miners that were trapped below ground for about a month? It happened a few years ago. That happened in a mine close to here and some of them live within my sector. We are going to try and visit the mine on some other PDay. 4) Remember how I was supposed to look for Sister Simmerman because she is also from Cedar City? Well I found her. She is in the Ward Los Minerales in Copiapo. Weird how that stuff works out, huh? 5) I get to play the piano in Sacrament Meeting here. I will be taking turns with Hermana Simmerman because she also knows how to play.

The people here sometimes call us angels but all we do is share the gospel with them. We are called to preach the gospel as a full-time job but everyone can share the gospel with a friend or just be a good example of a disciple of Christ. I hope you all look for opportunities to share the gospel every day. It really does bless people's lives. 

I think that is it for today. I love you guys and I am glad everyone is doing okay. Stay well and may God bless.
Elder Hunter

Priesthood BBQ


Piano I will be playing in Sacrament Meeting

Hermano Tello, Investigator, who was adopted 15 years ago

Birthday Party of Alex Cubillos, assistant to the Ward Mission Leader

Elder Ortega, Juan, Alex, Elder Hunter

Juan and Alex will both be serving in the
Bolivia, Santa Cruz North Mission
starting on March 10

Alot more green here

This is the Main Plaza

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