Monday, February 23, 2015

Hello Everybody,
First of all I want to say Happy  Birthday to Braden, Aunt Val, and Aunt Meche. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! 

I wanted to tell you guys about being in a trio. We worked with Alex from Monday to Friday. We ate pizza and completos because Alex´s parents did not want him eating all of our food. We had a lot of "with member lessons" and Alex got to practice giving the lessons. He even joined us at District Meeting. 

Fernando Fernandez, the son of the Second Counselor in the Bishopric, came home from his mission after two years in Brazil. His accent is thick and it is hard for me to understand him sometimes.  He can understand spanish but it is hard for him not to use words in Portuguese. He will be our new Ward Mission Leader. 

We had a Ward Family Home Evening this Friday and it was a success. It started at 7 but there were only 3 people there at 7. We were worried to say the least. Fortunately the people did come even if it was late. By 8 o´clock there was about 50 people. We had popcorn, brownies, soda, chips, ect. Familia Cubillos taught the lesson about family prayer and then we played games. We played Pictionary, Tuti-Fruti, and a Get-to-know-ya game. Everyone had a lot of fun and we had several investigators and less active members show up. After the Noche de Hogar we celebrated the Birthday of Hermana Simmerman. She turned 20. We celebrated by eating cake with the Cubillos Family (they are kinda close with the missionaries here. Can ya tell?)

We had to get back to the pension on time so we were not able to clean up right after the activity. We came in the morning on Saturday and I had to be a plumber. The sink in the kitchen was clogged so I got the chance to clean it up. It was by pure luck that I did not get my white shirt dirty. 

We have one baptism scheduled for the 7th. Hector Cortez (Tello) has decided that he wants to be baptized. I think the Hermanas also have a baptism scheduled for that day. It should be great.

I am glad that Grandma and Grandpa Hunter are feeling better. It is pretty cool that the radio can pick up the signal from Sacrement Meeting.

I think that is it for today. I will not be sending pics today but I should be able to next week. Love you all. Stay well and pray often.
Elder Hunter


There are a lot more trees here in Copiapo and there are even parts with a lot of grass. If you look at it by satelite it is almost the same as Antofagasta but here on the surface there is a large difference. Also, Copiapo used to have a large river but it has dried up now. Back when there was a river I believe things were even more green.

I do not know my mamitas here as well as I did in the other sector. The mamita for clothes lives on the other side of the city. The mamita for food is very kind but there is very little time that we spend with her so I cant tell you much more than that.

Some investigators took two steps forward, others took three steps back, others are sitting on the couch waiting for the commercial break to be over. That is just the way it goes sometimes. My mission is all walking. Normal Elders and Sisters do not have cars or bikes. There is always a lot of walking. Being with just 2 people when you are practically strangers is hard but that is why is was so good to have Alex with us for a few days last week.

Keep it up Sis. The school year is not over just yet.
Love Elder Hunter

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