Monday, February 16, 2015

That is awesome that you got that rabbit Jake. I am impressed by your sharpshooting skills. What is the story of the Three Billygoats?
For the record, I loved sleeping on the couch. I just loved sleeping in my bed even more. I hope you are still working hard with sports, school, and the piano. It was my turn to play the Hymns in Sacrament Meeting yesterday but I was not as prepared as I should have been. I need to practice more but there is not time here in the mission. You need to practice right now in the House so that you can be a missionary hero someday when they need you to play the piano. I really do regret not practicing more before my mission.

Love you buddy. Stay well. Elder Hunter

I am glad that ALL my grandparents are doing well. Sometimes I get tired from walking all day but then I remember what a blessing it is that I can walk. 

I hope you can get the Youth excited about the Trek. We are also trying to animate the youth of the ward here so that they will participate more. 

Sounds like you had a busy week with everything you have on your plate but I am glad you could get it all done.

I wish it was 70 degrees here. Some afternoons it gets to be 90 degrees. Copiapo is one of the hottest places in Chile (or so the people here tell me).

I am glad you guys are seeing blessings too. The mission is very different from what I thought it would be but it is a good thing. We did not have any earthquakes that I know of.

Sister Simmerman played for the first 2 Sundays we had here (we both arrived in Copiapo this transfer). I played yesterday but right hand only and with more mistakes than I would like. I played the sacrament hymn well at least. Sometimes I can sneak in 10 minutes of practice if we have to be in the Chapel for a different meeting but we are so busy that I do not have time to practice consistently. 

Sister Simmerman and I both know Jessica Stone and some of the Seminary Teachers at Canyon View. We do not talk about home a lot but it is a small world after all. (I hope the song gets stuck in your head)

We found 6 new investigators this week. Sure, some of them live in other sectors or have memory issues so they told us the same story 12 times but we are finding new people to share with. We are really hopeful that Hermano Tello will be ready to be baptized on the 7th of March. We also have several investigators that are reading the Book of Mormon and praying but lack the iniciative to get up and go to church. 

Elder Ortega and I cook seperately. I eat breakfast every day. When I was in Antofagasta I did not eat every night but I am starving when we get home here. I do not know why I am so hungry because I am always full after lunch. The Momita cooks a few of the same things but most of it is different. Mamita Monica always eats lunch with us so that is different too. The Elders and the Sisters do not normally eat together so we have a schedule where we eat at 2 one week and 2 30 the next week. I am eating a lot more peppers here in Copiapo.

We had Zone Meeting this past Tuesday and while I did not get the pants I did get a letter from Brandon, Sharon, and Katie May. Merry Late Christmas to you guys too. 

We ate lunch on Saturday with the mom of the Second Counselor in the Bishopric but wow. It was the largest house I have seen here in Chile. It is only one floor but very long. She has a LOT of animals. At least 20 chickens, 10 canaries, 2 ducks, 2 dogs, and I dont know what else. Back when there was a river here in Copiapo she says there were fruit trees and grass and flowers too. 

We went on splits this week and I had the chance to work with Alex Cubillos. He was recently ordained an Elder and during one of our visits a less active member asked us to give her a bendicion de salud. Alex annointed her with oil and I gave the blessing but he was very excited and nervous to be part of a blessing for the first time. Alex is actually with us right now. We recieved permission from President Dalton that he could stay with us for a few days in order to prepare for his mission. "He should see how the Best Mission in the World works before he starts his mission." 

To end this letter I want to tell you about the baptism we had this Saturday. Hermana Carmen is technically the convert of the Sister Missionaries but we all have to help with a baptism. Hermana Carmen is 72 or so and she does not have strength in her legs. She cannot climb stairs and can only walk a few shuffled steps with a cane if someone is not there to support her. She needed 2 people to baptize her so the Sisters asked 2 members to perform the ordinance. Well, it would not be a baptism without problems. 
The members were unable to make it in time and the assigned speakers were also out of town. The sisters asked Elder Ortega and me to perform the ordinance but Elder Ortega left his white baptism pants in his last sector. We started looking in the Chapel for the Ward's baptism clothes but when we tried to open one of the closets the key broke inside the lock. We tried taking the door off its hinges in order to open it but the Church paid for a quality lock and it still would not open. Thanks to a prayer and a miracle Hermano Fernandez, the second counselor in the Bishoprick, was able to open the door so we could get the pants. We asked some of the members that showed up if they could share their testimonies in place of the talks.  Elder Ortega performed the ordinance but we were both in the water in order to support and submerge her. The only parts that did not change are the opening prayer and the special musical number by the missionaries. In the end the baptism started half an hour late and almost everything on the typed program was changed but it was a very spiritual experience. Hermana Carmen started crying when we performed the musical number and again right after the baptism itself. It was a very interestingSaturday.
Love you all, stay well. I pray for you. Elder Hunter

Street view of Feria
 (I did not dare pull out my camera with all the people there)

Shade orchard


Zone Conference

(Elder Anderson from my district in the CCM is in my Zone
and Elder Wooten from my first District in Antofagasta is here too)

Baptism Day
Hermana Carmen with her son and his wife

Hermana Soto and Hermana Simmerman

Hermana Simmerman, Hermana Sota, Hermana Carmen, Elder Ortega, Elder Hunter

I did not draw this but Almanina (the little girl at the bottom of the photo)
was starting to erase it:)

Changes in the program


Alex and I playing chess on Pday

Big arch

Happy Valentines

Love you all

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