Monday, April 25, 2016

Dear Family,
This was not the best week of my mission (I was sick a few days) but there were certainly some high points. I attended a District Meeting where I did not have to teach, I had an intercambio with Elder Wocicki the District Leader and we had a great day (though he is ending his mission this transfer and is fighting the trunkiness), we managed to take 2 investigators to a ward baptism and those investigators also came to church on Sunday. Roger might be able to get baptized on the 7th of May, Luis can get baptized when he wants (he just needs to have the desire), and Lucas is reading in Mosiah 14 right now but he does not come to church... but we are seeing good things.

Now to answer your other questions. I have the same comp for now but he might not be here for the call on Mothers Day and he has not helped me much in searching for members that have computers in order to do the call. BUT I WILL FIND A WAY! I will try to call around 5pm Utah time (you guys end at 4 right?) which is about 8pm Chile time but I really don’t know what will happen if I end up with a new comp...  sorry I can’t be more specific. 
As long as I am with Elder Aguirre he will not hire a Mamita. The fleas are still eating me alive. The weather is getting colder and cloudy. And a Chinese washing machine has Chinese characters written on it instead of normal words. I will get a pic but I don’t know if I will be able to send it. 
Bad luck on the Turkey hunt but hopefully things will improve. The members here sometimes say that you should not marry a returned sister missionary as a joke but some say it seriously. I could not really say why.

Everyone is working hard. Perseverar hasta el fin. No es fácil pero sí es necesario.  (Endure to the end.  It is not easy but it is necessary)
God bless you all. See you soon.
Con amor, Elder Brock Hunter

Dear Kate,
I know a few of the members though more of them know me (I am bad with names still). Little by little.

You are planning to move in with some friends or something when you start college right? Are you moving out of Dad´s Ward? Still not sure how that is going to work out...

DUTCH OVEN!!! HOW I MISS THEE! The food here can be good but there are some things that are still hard for me to eat (pero no niego cuando las hermanas me lo ofrecen, no soy mal agradecido). –(I don’t turn it down when the sisters offer it to me, I am not ungrateful).  I love chirimoya alegre helado. I love chorripanes. I love empanadas. I love pichangas. I love zapallo italiano relleno. But I don’t know what is my favorite thing... there have been many delicious things to eat on my mission.

I swear you guys do all these things now that there are only four of you... how rude. Speaking of "how rude", have you heard of FULLER HOUSE? It is a continuation of Full House that a member showed me. Anyway, take care sis. Congrats on your new job. Remember to pay your tithing and smile at the customers. See you soon.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

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