Monday, May 2, 2016

Dear Kaitlin
This week was nuts. Look at the email that I will send to Mom and you will know. Roger came to church. That was about the highlight of the week for my investigators. Most of the rest of them I did not see. Have a good week and see you Sunday. Con amor, Elder Hunter

Dear Family,
How are you guys? Me? I am kinda stressed but I am excited to talk to you guys this Sunday. We found a family that will let us use their computers so the SKYPE IS ON! I believe that I will call you guys around 5pm Utah time. Give or take. I hope that this time we dont have technical difficulties during the call.

A stomach bug has been going around and nearly the entire Zone is sick. I am better but my two comps are still a little sick. Yep. TWO COMPS. I am in a trio now with Elder Corey Shill (from Florida and he goes home with me in June) and Elder Erick Vazquez (from Mexico and has a year in the mission) from the sector Caliche A (the other sector in my ward). Elder Aguirre decided that he could not handle the mission here but from what I understand he will serve in a different mission here in Chile. I really dont know a lot of details. But as of Wednesday Afternoon I am in a trio. I am sleeping in the pension of the other elders so I packed up one of my suitcases with some clothes and I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor. The good news is that I have not had recent problems with fleas since I am in the new house.

As a trio, we have to work both sectors, my sector with the beach and their sector with the hills. My legs are kinda dead from so much incline.  It has also been complicated to work in my sector because it is far from their apartment pero algo se hace. On Sunday I organized with the members to have more help so that we can do splits during the next week. We will receive our calls for cambios on Saturday so I should know who my new comp will be when we talk on Sunday.

Roger is the only one from my sector that went to church but technically I had a baptism on Saturday because we are a trio now. Annais is a ten year old girl and I only taught her once before her baptism but I believe it counts. But this week’s craziness does not end there. We showed up late to church because an investigator was making a sandwich so we did not partake of the sacrament and Annais was confirmed before we got there and to top everything off, we have a hen now. Her name is Guadalupe and she lays eggs. Investigators have given me some interesting gifts before but a hen? I still don’t know what we are going to do with her (maybe BBQ?). We built a small house for her on the roof of our pension.

May the Fourth be with you and Revenge of the Fifth... next year I will celebrate. I still can’t believe that Dad has been a bishop for a year. I don’t think it will really kick in until I get home and am part of his Ward. You guys are out of school in a matter of weeks. I am in shock. Anyway, I will see you guys before I get to see the next emails so have a great week and be ready to talk. God bless.
Con amor, Elder Brock Hunter


Elder Hunter, Elder Shill, Annais, Elder Vazquez

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