Tuesday, July 15, 2014

First letter from the MTC

On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 1:38 PM, Brock Hunter <brock.hunter@myldsmail.net> wrote:
I´m alive

That was a joke! Don´t be mad!

I´ve received your letters from DearElder.com but i hope this responds back too...
I got the care package yesterday. That´s when my District Leaders checked the mail. I can´t tell you how great it was to eat a Snickers Bar. I have tried to be more open with my food choices since getting here. I have eaten fish, berries, gaucho, and some things i am not sure what they are... I still won´t eat raw tomato or pomegranate though... I can only change so much after all. My companion´s name is Seth Hinton. He is from Arizona. We are both over 6ft tall and are both redheads. He reminds me of Braden in some ways. Sometimes young braden and sometimes missionary braden. We´ll see how it goes. We took pictures today and I´ll try to figure out a way to send a pic later. There are 12 people in my district. 10 Elders and 2 Hermanas. We are all serving in Antofagasta Chile! (and so is another entire district)
I met the Jolly twins at the Salt Lake airport and I see them occasionally walking around. I still cant speak or write in spanish very well but my understanding of the language has improved. I say a lot of prayers in Spanish now and I have to prepare a talk, in SPANISH, for Sunday. My branch here is my zone. There are 4 districts in my zone. I´m not homesick yet. I´m still in vacation mode I guess. We have an investigator already. His name is Edgar. We committed him to be baptized last night. Sure he´s already an endowed member and its just roleplay but i say it counts. Our main teacher so far is Hermano Monroy. 
I struggled the first few days, and still need a translation from some of the other missionaries sometimes, but its good here. We still have fun. Our district even sang Frozen songs yesterday! (in our casa, not in public). The casa i´m in has 20 missionaries from 2 districts. There are four people to each bedroom. The rooms are about as big as my room back home but the bathroom is a bit smaller. There are bunkbeds and somehow i got the bottom bunk. The first night we arrived the water heater was broken so we had FREEZING cold showers. They fixed the water heater but we still get cold showers if we aren´t one of the first ones in. I haven´t done laundry yet, i got the short straw so i do my laundry later tonight but i´ve enjoyed the notes you guys hid in my clothes. Thanks.
 I arrived at the CCM with 146 missionaries. Another 160 came yesterday and another 200 come next week. We sent 32 out into the mission field and got 160 at the CCM... its gonna get crowded around here. Mexico City is HUGE. The traffic here make Salt Lake City look like Enoch. All the workers here are nice though and about 40% understand at least some English. The Mexico Temple is closed for renovations so I won´t get to do a session but we should get to visit the Temple Grounds on our third or fourth week. 
We did a great job packing but I don´t have hair gel... or AA batteries for the camera... so yeah. There is that. I´ve used that rain coat nearly every day and I´ve used the Spanish scriptures with tabs quite a bit. They gave me a set when i arrived but they didn´t have the tabs. I put those in my suitcase. I jammed my pinkie playing basketball yesterday. Oh, and my companion got 3 stitches on Friday. He kinda cut his leg open while jumping a fence during soccer game. He´s healing alright though so don´t worry. I´m running out of time to be on the computer for the day so I just want to say that I love you all. You guys are in my prayers. Any errors in this email are due to the spanish set up of the keyboard. Talk to you next week. (maybe i´ll write in spanish)

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