Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 17, 2014
Mom's letter that she sent July 2nd got here yesterday and Kate's and Jake's letters got here today. SO email or Dear Elder are probably best. I hoarded the last care package and did not share. THOSE ARE MINE. They aren't letting anyone shake hands so we don't spread the virus. So yeah fun times and lots of hand washing.

My "first baptism"is now one of my teachers. Hermano Ortiz. I will try to keep you posted with my progress later.

I'm glad Brooks did well (and you did better). I haven't had an opportunity to share the Pie Story yet. I did share the story of how you switched Brock and Chad in my name though. The Elders called you a hero and the Hermanas (sisters) thought you were evil. So yeah.

I tried new foods. I liked some but spit out most of them. La comida fue no buena. Most of the food here is good though. Everything from french toast to pizza.

People have in fact confused the two of us. That includes our teachers. The language is coming okay. I understand probably 20% of what is said to me. We have to write a talk each week but only 6 people from our branch share their talks each sunday. I was pretty proud of my last talk but i haven't yet started on my talk for this next sunday... and I didn't sleep through my spanish class in high school. Just a few of the study times here at the CCM...

I am sorry that i left before I could see them but I'm glad that Sharon, Brandon, and Katee May could come down. Katee May will be pretty big before i next see her.

I have struggled with getting up early. I slept soundly the first three nights here but now i keep waking up in the night. Hence why i fall asleep while studying... 

Tell everyone I love them. Tell Jake I got all mom's notes in my pockets too. My time on the computer is up for the week so I'll talk to you all later.

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