Tuesday, July 29, 2014

CCM District

Elder Hinton, Hermano Monroy (my first instructor), Elder Hunter

Wall of CCM

Model of CCM


Me, Elder Hinton and a random missionary

A statue honoring the first president of Mexico (this used to be a highschool afterall)

Elder Hinton


Here is my classroom

My room (or at least my bed)

and the living room.

Proof I do laundry

What shall I wear today?

Check out this ironing board.

Houses on the mountain surrounding the CCM.

What are these???
Lego Man arms?
Quidditch Goals?
Towers of Modor?
Device that stops stalker moms from getting in?
Actually it is a monument to the sewers.  
Torres del Museo Drenaje Profundo which translates to Deep Drainage Torres Museum.

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