Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24, 2014
I got the second package on Tuesday. We ate the chips and dip as a District today. No one wanted the soda so I took two... but I did share! I took care of the scholarship stuff as well. I got a reply from the people so we should be good. That is a good pioneer story. I had never heard that one. I actually forgot it was Pioneer Day. They don't celebrate it over here. You can finish the Book of Mormon if you try really hard but since you are helping Kate with the kids I don't know if you will make it... I am currently studying the spanish. I haven't gotten the chance to study the gospel as much as i wanted. We have mainly focused on teaching skills and language so far. I have found some interesting things in the bible dictionary while preparing my talks though. My talk this week is about the Apostacy and the Restoration. (yes we had restoration the first week but its a good topic). Are you painting the interior of Mimi's house? Sorry i'm not there to help but then again I don't love painting that much either... You are right though. You can't turn down Mimi very easily. I'm glad Jake enjoyed his tournament and if we were both picky at the same age then it must be the way you raised us. It is not my fault. Yo no fue. 
Mail the cords to the Mission Home in Chile in about 2 weeks. I might be able to use someone else's cord here in the meantime... we'll see.
I hope everything goes well for Dad on his gather. He said Gus gets to deal with the politics and reporters this time so he should be fine. I hope the hunts go well too. By the time I get home Jake should be big enough to help pack out all those monster bucks and bulls that Dad gets. We'll have a sasquatch, a bigfoot, and a yeti in our house.
I can't check the blog right now but maybe another day. If you could email a pic of our family also that would be great. I have pics of you and Jake on my camera but not Kate and Dad.

Both my companion and I are healing well but I got a mosquito bite on my jammed pinkie and I don't like it! I only seem to get bit at night but the deet in the repellant would harm the sheets so i can't use it. And the skin so soft is more of a mosquito attractant than repellant. I bought some things at the Tienda (store) and the card seems to work fine. I've bought some neccessities, some candy, a english hymn book, and a leather scripture case with the army of helaman on it. I don't think I'll buy much else (besides laundry detergent) until i leave so please just make sure i have some money on there for when I fly to Chile.
I'm glad things are going well at home. I'll talk to you again next week so keep me posted.
Love you all, Elder Hunter (i.e. Elder Cazador)

To Kate and Jake,
We do not celebrate any holidays while I am here. The bug is still going strong but my companion and I are fine. Except he kinda sprained the ankle of the leg he had stitches on... I don't know what to do with him sometimes. I was playing soccer when my companion Elder Hinton jumped the fence that cut his leg so he needed stitches. So yes we played soccer but its mostly been basketball, volleyball, foozball, and ping pong.
Which friends are texting me? Most should know that I'm on a mission without my phone. I am glad that football was fun for you and being alive after a hard tournament is an accomplishment. Keep practicing your ball handling and shooting and you will be at a highschool level in no time. 
Love you both, Elder Hunter

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