Monday, December 1, 2014

I am glad that Grandma and Grandpa Hunter enjoyed Thanksgiving. They might be missing my tall but that is why Dad is still there to do it for me. 
I am sorry to hear about Uncle Dale. The nice thing is we know that God has a plan for each one of us and we do not have to wonder what happened to him now that he has left this world.

It has just stayed hot so far and is not getting hotter and hotter (thank goodness). I have to ask, why did I not get a week vacation in Hawaii before my mission? Oh well. Best wishes to Uncle Dennis and Aunt Becky. I love you guys. Stay well.

I will look into buying you a Christmas ornament and a Nativity set but most of it is made in the US and sent here anyway so... I will look but don't expect anything out of this world spectacular. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. On the day of Thanksgiving I completely forgot it was Thanksgiving. I did use 6 hours to teach 3 lessons though (it was a rough day working with members). 

I used super glue so the shoes should last me a bit longer. Especially with the new mission rule. NO MORE SOCCER OR BASKETBALL.  Too many Elders got injured so now it is completely banned. Today we went shopping in Centro because Elder Riveros still had not been before but I have no idea what we are going to do on the other pdays... but that is life I guess. 

Sometimes when you hear another person's testimony, your own testimony can grow. We were helping Mario prepare for his baptism this Saturday and he ended up sharing some personal stories. He has definitely felt the spirit before in his life but he could not recognize it at the time. Speaking of Mario, he asked me to be the one to baptize him! (okay, so I was technically his second choice but his first choice will be working up in Peru so I get the chance). Maria, Lidia, and Militza all have goals to be baptized on the 20th of December. The cambio is on the 14th of December so I might not be here but that is the life of a missionary.

To be honest, until we had this opportunity to work with him I did not know President Dalton very much.  He was just this guy that talked to us twice every three months and that was it. Now I feel like I actually know him which is a lot better. Rather than being just a man who gives us new rules to follow every month I can picture him as someone that genuinely cares about the missionaries and our investigators. He is a very spiritual man and I learned a lot when I was with him (even if it was only for a few hours). He reminded me of Uncle Dennis a bit though more introverted. 

Elder Riveros has 8 siblings and he is number 5. He is the first to serve a full time mission in his family. The church is still new in Paraguay. He likes soccer and volleyball though he injured his shoulder so he cannot play volleyball now. He has 11 months in the mission and he was the papito to Elder Herd who was in my district in the CCM. I will try to send pictures today.

Cold is all gone. My voice was only bad for about two days. The flea bites have finally stopped itching too. 

I have learned a lot from reading the book for the Gospel Principles Class. If an investigator pays attention in that class they could know more than a seminary student (at least with certain topics). 

I forgot my list of things to write again so that is it for this week. Thanks for everything and expect your Christmas presents to be really late. I still have to buy them and then figure out the mail system here...

Can you find a way to compare the size of Cedar City with Antofagasta? I tell people I come from a small town but I really don't know how it compares.

The investigators are progressing. We need to find some new people to teach because soon all the ones we have will be baptized :P

The lessons now are different, not easier. The spirit is the same though my understanding of their circumstances has changed a bit.

I don't know about funny but I had to try 6 ATM's in order to pull out some money today. I had tried to make one purchase using the mission card and there were issues there too. Wasted a quarter of my Pday just trying to buy eggs for the week.

The next holiday is Christmas. The stores are all ready with decorations. Some of the families are ready too. Most of it is exactly the same as the US. 

You were really bad this year Jake and Aunt Greta knew that Santa was not going to bring you presents so she gave you 12. You have one month to be better. You need to practice piano, do your homework, and listen to Mom and Dad. Remember, our Elf on the Shelf is watching...

Glad you had fun with the cousins. You can use that shotgun but I don't remember giving it to you. Can you take a picture of the Bybee's roof with the Grinch? (I want you to be the one to take the picture).Love you bud. Be Good! 

I love all of you, stay well
Love Elder Hunter

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