Monday, March 2, 2015

Completos are Chilean Hot Dogs. They normally have homemade bread and avacado. Sometimes the mayonaise has garlic in it. That is about all the difference there is. Chilean Pizza is not like american pizza. There is a lot less meat normally, aceituna (olive) and the crust is different. I dont know how to describe it. There are businesses like Pizza Hut here but it still does not have the same taste.

Sounds like you guys are finally recieving much needed snow. We need some rain over here but nothing so far... I am very glad that you all managed to stay safe too. Sorry that Dad is under the weather. I hope he gets well soon.

We had another activity this Friday. It was mostly improvised games using balloons and chairs. (game night) We also had pasta but everyone had their arms tied together. You had to work with the people next to you or no one could eat. It was fun but some kids got carried away. One even pushed Francisca, the 63 year old convert, so she fell into the chairs. That ruined the mood a bit but she kept playing even when the kid refused to apologize. 

We also found 3 new families this week. They are all prepared to learn about the gospel. So of course one family is moving by the end of March and we had to pass another family on to the Sister Missionaries because it is a house of all girls but the important part is to be part of the process. And we still have one family that we get to teach. I look forward to working with them. They are all new families so I can't tell you who else to pray for but I hope you guys are praying for personal opportunities to share the gospel. The work is going on in all the world, not just in Chile.
It is starting to cool down a little bit. By using a combination of sunblock and long-sleeve shirts I do not have the perma-burn. I do, however, have a terrible farmers tan.

The hard part of missionary work (or at least one of the things) is when you know how the people can improve their lives but they refuse to put the neccessary effort in. We are working with a lot of great people and I feel blessed to know them, if you would like to pray that their hearts may be softened that would be much appreciated.

I dont know what kind of stories you want to hear. I had an intercambio this week where I was with a different companion for one day. Elder Tippets is from Hyrum Utah and traveled to Cedar City every year for the Summer Games. We had a blast working together but we spoke a lot of spanglish. I don't know how it will be for the Skype call on Mothers Day...

Yesterday I blessed the Sacrament in Spanish for the first time. Normally I just help with passing it but our Priests did not show up for whatever reason. I also got to teach the Gospel Principles Class. Lots of responsibilities as a missionary. I think that is about it for today. I love you all and hope that things are going well at home. Stay safe.
Love Elder Hunter

Felis Cumpleanos Herman Simmerman

Party with Family Cubillos


Pday with Lations
Elder Solis, Elder Ortega and Elder Pablo

Dionsuars in the Mall

River of Copiapo


Walking on the train tracks

Noche de Hogar
Family Home Evening

Loved this story


One night a man had a dream, and in his dream he reviewed the footsteps he had taken in his life. ...He looked and noticed that all over the mountains and difficult places that he had traveled there was one set of footprints; but over the plains and down the hills, there were two sets of footprints as if someone had walked by his side. He turned to Christ and said, "There is something I don't understand. Why is it that down the hills, and over the smooth and easy places you have walked by my side; but, here over the tough and difficult places I have walked alone, for I see in those areas there is just one set of footprints." Christ turned to the man and said; "It is that while your life was easy I walked along your side; but here, where the walking was hard and the paths were difficult, was the time you needed Me most, and that is why I carried you." 

Love you guys. I take requests for pictures but I do not work well with deadlines... Talk to you next week.
Elder Hunter

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