Monday, May 11, 2015

Dear Family,
I will be honest here. When we talked for Christmas I started crying when we did the family prayer and I could not focus for about a week. This time I was just happy to see you guys are doing well. I did not cry this time and I feel like I can work normally this week. Of course I might just be calm because President Dalton will send me home on wednesday :P I dont think he will but you never know.

I am sure Dad will be very busy for a while but I know he can handle it. And for the parts he can not do or handle he will have the help of the spirit and a loving family.

I am more involved with church things than at any other time of my life but you guys still manage to see more devotionals and talks than me. I hope you can enjoy the devotional with Elder Bednar and the National Day of Prayer sounds interesting. I already knew about the Interfaith Council because we were able to ask them questions during GHA but that is still a cool experience.

I miss snow... a lot actually... I should probably still be putting on sunscreen but I get lazy in the morning sometimes. And I will work on getting those pictures for you.

I am not sure if I want to know or not but I will ask anyway. Is there any cool movies, shows, books, or music that has come out since I left? We hear a few things when we visit people but without internet and tv it is pretty hard to stay up to date.

I have a few pics that I will try to send today. I love you all. It was great talking to you and I hope everyone lives to finish the school year :P Take care.
Love, Elder Hunter

This is some of the fruit that an investigator gave to us.
Pepino, pomegranate, and grapes with seeds.

We found this in the old house 2 days before we left.
we left just in time if you ask me.

We moved using bags, not boxes.

The family still had not taken all of their things so our stuff was outside for a day.

I am eating "healthy foods" here.
(this was dinner the night we moved)

This dog hated us when we first arrived at the house.
In the end it liked me but still hated Elder Plowman.
They took the dog on Sunday of last week.

Mother's Day Flower

I decided to buy things that did not have to stay in the fridge
when we were doing the move to the new house.

This one is my favorite...
(Mother's Day Skype 2015 in Chile)

Mother's Day Skype 2015 in Enoch

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