Monday, May 25, 2015

Everyone said we should have had a rainstorm last week but it just never came. This was a good week. Not great but good. We have shared with some new people this week and we are seeing many less active members come back. We hope that this continues. Some of the investigators are progressing more than others. It would be a lot better if they would just come to church. We had 6 investigators at church this past sunday but we only knew 1 of them. A lot of members are bringing friends to church. Now we just need to teach them too.  The book I use most often is 3 Nephi, followed by Alma, and then Moroni.

We have transfers this next Saturday. We will find out then who stays, who goes, and who we will be with for the next 6 weeks. We recently had a change in the rule as to which Cibers we are allowed to use. Which means I am in a Ciber that will not let me send pictures right now. I will send pics when I can.

I never did get the mp3 to work but I have music on a different pendrive so no worries about that. I did lose the music of Karen singing but when I get home I will be able to listen to that and a lot more music so I am good with what I have right now.

I am glad it was Grandma and Grandpa Mellor that slept in my bed and not the three visiting college students. But if that happens again when I am home where do I sleep?

In some other churches they only remember the resurrection of Christ during Easter but we celebrate his life each Sunday when we partake of the sacrament. Through the sacrament we can be made clean anew each week. There should be reverence and respect throughout sacrament meeting but especially during the actual ordinance of the sacrament. Kids can eat fruit snacks, draw pictures, or play with their cars after the sacrament but there should be silent respect during this sacred ordinance. As for tips on how to actually make that happen I have none but that is the idea.

Yes, some women make kissing sounds at us. I have also recieved marriage proposals, been sworn at (in English and Spanish), and had people yell random English words at us.

Have a nice summer. Tell Corey happy birthday for me too.

Tell Dad I hope he feels better. Love you guys. Take care and enjoy your summer.
Love, Elder Brock Hunter

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