Monday, May 18, 2015

This week we stayed busy. We are seeing some great progress. We are starting to work a lot better with the ward members. We have found several new investigators and receptive less active members this week. Many of them for different wards but the work goes on there too. The biggest change comes when they realize what their relationship with Christ and their Heavenly Father can be. I have seen that change happen with some less active members as well. They get distracted with the world or the organization of the church and forget what is really important. 

I am glad that you are getting used to your calling. It will take a little time to really get to know everyone and everything that you need to do but the great part about church callings is that we do not have to try and accomplish everything on our own. We have to do everything we can but then we get to let the Spirit do the rest.

Thanks for the advice and the encouragement.

This last Tuesday I recieved a birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa Hunter. It arrived in Chile on time for my birthday but it did not make its way to me until now. Gotta love international mail. I want to tell them thanks and I hope they feel better.

It is supposed to rain here again but no one is exactly sure when. Hopefully it will just clean things up and not flood us like it did last time.

Thanks for the notes. The interview went well. Thanks for the help with the family history, now I get to stay in the mission a little longer. And after 9 months here in Chile I finally have the card that says I am legal. I will try to send a package home soon. 

The investigators are doing okay. We are working hard with all of them but I am afraid that the custom of living together without being married has made some of their progress slower than we and they would like. I put on sunscreen so dont worry about that.

The week has been busy and the apartment is nice. The shower is still not as good as the showers at home but it is better than the shower we had in the last house. We have unpacked most of the things. An important thing to do in a new house is do not live out of your bags. You need to make things personal, make your own space, otherwise you will always feel like a stranger in your own house.

Do you want to know the truth? The Chileans use smart TVs, touch phones, and giant stereos. They are very modern and it can be difficult to find "Native" things. If you do find them, many times they are actually things native to Peru, not Chile. I am not saying that cultural things do not exist. The problem is you almost never see them unless it is close to a National Holiday. I will look for what I can find but I make no promises.

I do not know about the craziest thing but one weird thing that happened today is that an old man came up to us while we were eating lunch in town and demanded that I give him my french fries. Then he called me a Yankee when I refused to just give him my fries and then he yelled some other things which I frankly could not understand. The best story is pretty hard to come up with right on the spot but we were walking in the street one day and a drunk man came up to us, called me Jesus, gave me a hug, and walked (or stumbled as it were) away. I do not know what kind of stories you are looking for.

Do you think Elder Bybee will even remember when he made a sandwich in our house when we were out of town? If not he will be very confused by the sign. Tell him hi for me.

also tell grandma mellor happy birthday.
love ya mom. thanks.

Good luck with the last week of school. I love you all. Take care.
Elder Hunter

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