Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hello family,
So in Copiapo I left the boots I bought for the mud, a blanket, a jacket, some hangers, and I cant remember if I left anything else. In the pension here we still drink purified water from a 20L bottle (bidón) that we have but if we are offered tap water here it is not as dangerous as it is in other cities of the mission.

There are less hills here than in my other sectors but everytime we go down to centro we have to go down this long thing of stairs. I have an ingrown toenail so it hurts to go down so many stairs but it is still better than paying a taxi all the time. My sector here is larger than my sectors before as well. There are a lot of houses but on the edge of the sector there are more rural houses that have animals. I still have not gone up to that part of the sector but Elder Holloway says that there are pigs, sheep, horses, llamas, chickens, ect.
There is a mission leader in the branch. He used to be the District President so you could say he is active in the church. He is a good guy. I am starting to know some of the members here but our mamitas here are actually inactive.... fun stuff but this Sunday we actually had 71 people at church! They used all the sacrament cups but 1 in order to give everyone the sacrament.
I have only taught one lesson so far as District Leader because last week we had Zone Training. I finally met the 2 sisters that are in my district but they almost did not make it to the meeting because they got lost. As far as miracles go... We have met a lot of less active members and old investigators that are very receptive. Last night we met an old investigator named Paulina. She is really receptive and even wants to go to church, she only stopped sharing with the missionaries because she had a baby and never had time to share. Now her daughter is almost 2 and, though she is still a handful, Paulina can share with us again. We see a lot of little things like that happen because Elder Holloway is still new and has a lot of energy, hope, and faith.
We found that mask in the new house. It belongs to Hermano Cubillos and we thought about using it when we go proselyting but then we decided that might not be appropriate. So we just took photos with it on. I liked it.
Will Jake and Asher also be going on the Trek with you? Does that mean you will be celebrating Mom´s Birthday during the Trek? You guys seriously have busy summer schedules. And yet you still somehow find time to go to Laser Tag. Tell Jake I am impressed by his shooting skills and tell Kaitlin that I am glad she has fun with soccer and dance. It would seem that her hard work is paying off.
I cannot tell you how much I miss cobbler and smores. They have some good food here in Chile but it is not the same. (when I get home I will probably always say that I miss the food in Chile but that is the way it goes).

Tell Dad thanks for getting some dates set up for me. Just make sure she can speak spanish because I am not sure how my english will be when I get home. I hope Dad is able to outshoot the firearms safety instructor again. And at least he is in the doghouse, the dogs here in Chile just live in the street.
I love you guys and I hope you can get done all the things you need to. Take care and know that I am praying for you.
Con mucho amor, Elder Brock Hunter

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