Monday, June 1, 2015

Here we are entering winter. It is cold in the morning and in the evening but burning hot during the afternoon. Welcome to the Atacama Desert. I was transferered to Vallenar, the southernmost city in the mission. It was a very long 2 hour trip by bus but somehow I survived. I will be serving in a Branch called Baquedano. (pronounced baa-keh-daa-no) The work goes on. It is a lot greener here but I do not know anything else about the town so we shall see how it goes.

 I will also be serving as a District Leader for the first time. There will be 4 elders and 2 sisters in my District. I hope I will be up to the task. My new companion is Elder Halloway. He has 3 months here in Chile and is from Texas. I will let you know more details when I know them.

I did hear about Elder Perry. It is sad but it is part of our life experience here on the Earth. I am sure he is working hard over there on the other side. 
This week only 1 investigator came to church but that is the way it goes sometimes. Now I will be in a new area with new people. I will meet the Branch President tomorrow. It is always sad to leave a sector but I will go where the Lord needs me. What more can I do? I managed to get pictures with a lot of people in Copiapo but was unable to get photos with the Bishop and some investigators. I will try to send photos today.

I am glad to hear that you guys got some quality time together and that all is going well at home. I hope that you will all be able to manage your busy schedules. Infinite Atonement sounds like a good book. I will have a lot of reading to do when I get home. Thanks for all your help. I do not know what else to say so take care and I will talk to you next week.
Love you all, Elder Brock Hunter

I lied. I did get a picture of the bishop, just not his family. I do not have time today to say what all the pics are but I will do that next week. Love you all and take care.

Stairs to the cross
(Cerro la Cruz)

Selfie with the Cross of  Copiapo

Trail leading to the cross

Desert Flowers

Giant Metal Flowers

Always buy the cereal for the prize

Olaf, totally worth it:)

Zone Meeting in Copiapo

Elder Plowman and Elder Hunter

The hole in the road just got worse

Free Coat (gift from Nelly, our investigator)
I feel like Sherlock Holmes in this coat

District in Copiapo
Elder Pablo, Elder Francis, Elder Philips, Elder Preston, Elder Plowman, Elder Hunter

Foggy Day in Copiapo

Just building a staircase 

with Hermano Joel
Is this a good picture with my mask?

The pianos here are the lastest model

You can even uise Floppy Disks with them!

My last activity in Copiapo

Here I am with "Chuy" (real name Jesus) and Diego

Some people practicing a cultural dance

Hermano Joel was sad to see me go:(

The mamita Monica and her husband Carlos

You never know who you will see in the streets....

School buses here are just a little different
2 parked outside our house each night

Elder Hunter and Elder Plowman at the bus station

Pics of the new house that I only lived in for one month...
then I had to pack again...

Elder Plowman, Hermana Nelly, Elder Hunter

Elder Hunter, Hermano Eric (President of the Elders Quorom) and Bishop Santisteban

Elder Hunter, Hermano Tripainau (he is blind) , Hermano Fernando Fernandez Jr. (our mission leader)

Elder Plowman and Elder Hunter at the chapel

Hermano Tello ( he received the Aaronic Priesthood that Sunday) Hermana Francisca

Enrique Beecher and his wife
(he is an investigator and she is less active)

Los Bomberos (firefighters)

A crazy lady lived in this bus...
it was across the street from the chapel

This crazy dog loved us, but bites alot of strangers

Hermano Eric and his wife Maritza

Elder Plowman, Elder Hunter, Emanuel

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