Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I am doing fine

but I did have to leave some things in Copiapo. I just could not get everything to fit... Hopefully my packing skills will improve before I have to go home. I was on the bus with Hermana Simmerman. She is in the same zone as me here in Vallenar but a different District. I had a front row seat on the bus so I was able to see the beautiful Flower Desert of Atacama. I did forget to have my camera with me so I could take pictures though... it was weird to see so much plant life in the desert. I sent the captions so I hope that can clear a few things up.
Elder Holloway and I are getting along very well so far. He is a bit of a nerd too so we have plenty to talk about. His journal is actually from Doctor Who. He also likes baseball and soccer so he is not a total nerd like me. He is from Gunter, Texas. He does not have a thick accent but it is more obvious with some words. Where do the Cunninghams live in Texas?
I am in charge of the District Meeting that we have each week on Tuesday, I have to plan intercambios with the Elders, and I have to report the numbers from each of the sectors in my District to the Zone Leaders each week. It is not too different from a normal missionary but now I teach the class we have each week.
The branch actually has enough members to be a ward but the problem is that they are not active... they recently combined two branches because one only had 10 people attending each week. This week there were actually 55 people in the Sacrament Meeting. The building seemed full. We hope to see more people in the church throughout this transfer. The city here is a lot greener than Copiapo or Antofagasta. People actually have grass outside their houses. Plus you can drink the water from the tap! At least in our sector it is more urban but on the edge of the sector there are some farms with sheep and other animals so... anyway, I do not know if this city has as much of a mining emphasis like the other cities I have been in.  I am still kind of lost here and I need to get to know my sector a lot better. Our sector is pretty large so we walk quite a bit and to go down to Centro we have to go down a lot of stairs. All I can say is I better have great thighs by the time I leave Vallenar. (V-eye-en-ar)
When will you guys be going on the Trek? I hope you can get everything ready. Does listening to the scriptures count as reading them for the 90 day challenge? Sounds like Jake has been enjoying his summer so far. When I get home we will see if I am any better at Laser Tag than Mom is.
Before I forget, Happy Late Birthday to Brooklyn and Happy Birthday to Matt.
I do not have any pictures to send today but I will work on getting more.
Tell my Grandma's and Grandpa's that I love them.  Tell them that I am grateful for their confidence in me. I am so grateful for their prayers and I hope that they can feel my prayers for them too. Give them a hug for me please.
I love you all. I hope and pray that all will go well for you guys and your busy schedules. Take care and God bless.
Con mucho amor, Elder Brock Hunter

Elder Holloway and me

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