Monday, June 22, 2015

This week was a bit less than last week (people at church)... like 44 people... but we are going to assume that a lot of people just traveled for Fathers Day and they will be here next week. I still need to meet (and remember the faces of ) several members. We are working hard but we have fun too. In our apartment we actually have two small nerf pistols to shoot each other with if we get bored. Plus we recieved permission to watch two Chile soccer games from la Copa America. The last one on Friday was great. Chile beat Bolivia 5-0. So that was a party by itself.

Pray for Guido, Karen, Claudio, and please pray that we can find the people that God is preparing to be baptized here. We are working hard on finding some new investigators and visiting old investigators so that we can find those that are willing to make the needed changes in their lives to be baptized and be converted in the Lord. The mamitas here are very kind women and they have both been Mamitas for about a year if I understand it right. The missionaries before me chose them as mamitas so that they can always have contact with the missionaries. We always invite them to activities and to come to church on Sunday but we can't force them to come either. The mamita for food usually comes to activities and the mamita for clothes sends her son to seminary but they very rarely show up on Sunday... we try to share with them when we can but they already know what they need to do. They just need to do it.

I really hope you guys are keeping a list of the movies I need to see when I get home. By then I will probably just watch them on DVD or on Netflix but I will need help knowing what I need to see. That movie you saw seems very interesting. (Cokeville Miracle)  There is a lot of bad in the world but there is good too. We believe in miracles, angels, and priesthood blessings. We also believe in good people who try to help others despite all the bad that is in the world.

I am currently studying Preach My Gospel. Then I plan to read Doctrine and Covenants in English and El Libro de Mormon again in Spanish. I can hardly believe that the time has passed by so quickly. The missionaries here used to have a tradition of burning items depending on the time you have in the mission. A tie at six months, a shirt at a year, a pair of pants at a year and a half, and a pair of shoes right before you go home. That tradition was done away with for pretty obvious reasons. Now there is not anything special that every missionary does. I plan on writing some goals, a letter to myself, and letters to all the amazing families I have met here in Chile so far. We recieve a tie pin when we have our first birthday in the mission field and a bag pin when we have our second birthday.

Before I sign off for the day I want to mention something that happened yesterday. We had just left the pension for the afternoon to go work and we were walking in the street on the way to an appointment when we saw an elderly woman laying in the road. We pass by and ask if she needed help, which she did, and we were able to help her walk to her friends house. Her name was Silvia Campillay and she has a disease where she has very little strength in her legs. She can walk with the help of a cane but when she had fallen she was unable to get back up. We walked her to her friends house which was four blocks away. Her son usually drives her around in his car but he went to visit his Father-in-Law for Fathers Day so she had tried to walk to her friends house on her own. The reason I mention this is because it was one of those small miracles. We had left the house about 5 minutes later than normal because I had to use the bathroom but because we were a little behind schedule we managed to find Silvia and help her. And now I have officially helped an old lady cross the street. It was definetly one of those "answer to a prayer" moments that we have as missionaries.

I love you guys. I hope you guys can enjoy your summers and get everything done that you need to. Keep up the hard work.
Con mucho amor, Elder Brock Hunter

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