Monday, July 13, 2015

Dear Family,

 It is great to hear that you guys enjoyed the rodeo and the carnival. That is definetly something I look forward to for when I get home. I am glad that the Girls Camp went well and that you guys were able to see so many little miracles. I look forward to cousin overload someday but for now I am just glad that everyone is doing well. I am glad that Grandpa Mellor is doing better and I hope he will have a quick recovery. I am grateful for the prayers of Grandma and Grandpa Hunter and everyone else too.

It sounds like Dad is power-packing his Ward with some good leaders. The Lords Work will always go on but it helps to have people who are worthy and willing to work. I still cant believe that I have over a year in the mission but really that just means I have to make every day count. We had transfers this weekend but I am staying here with Elder Holloway. Elder Leon and Hermana Robison from my District are leaving. I do not know who the new people will be yet.

So A LOT of stuff happened this week. Something that is a bit funny is that the plaque of Elder Holloway broke in half. We are not quite sure how he did it but now it is held together with glue and popsicle sticks. Something that is not so funny is that I had fleas again but I think I managed to kill them off before it got too bad. I also recieved a huge thing of bread from some members 2 Sundays ago and this week I decided to make a giant hamburger. There were two patties, 4 slices of cheese, mayo, bbq sauce, and thick homemade bread. I only used half of the loaf but I still could not finish it.

We also had a District Activity (like a Stake Activity) where we watched Meet the Mormons on Friday. We went to watch it with our Mamita de Comida and she liked it. She also came to Church this Sunday for the first time in around 10 years!!! It was great! Also on Friday I ran into the Cubillos Family from Copiapo! There were here in Vallenar because a cousin had passed away. For some reason we had chosen to walk past the cementery that morning and they saw us. It was great to talk with them and they told me that their son is doing well on the mission and that they will soon be able to reclaim their house in Coquimbo that had been rented out from under them. We also recieved references for several of their relatives in order to share the Plan of Salvation with them. One of them, Nicole, I met in Copiapo when she came up to visit. While in Copiapo she had gone to church and now she wants to share with the missionaries. I had sent the reference to the other missionaries before but they were not able to find her in the house so now I get to teach my own reference! That is one of my miracles for the week.

This Sunday I was able to give a talk during Sacrament Meeting but I was not assigned a topic to talk about. President Dalton, our Mission President, recently told us that a missionary should never give a talk about "La Obra Misional" in Sacrament Meeting because all the members just zone out and take naps. So, I decided to talk about music. I read the Preface of the Hymnbook and the music section of For the Strength of Youth. I always direct the music in Sacrament Meeting so I think it fit well. Also, Sunday night it started to rain and it did not stop til after lunch time today. We had a few leaks in our roof but no major flooding. We managed to get pots or buckets under all the drips. They said this was a dry desert, and it might be, but I have seen rain in all 3 of my sectors so far and a lot of it.

Today we helped clean out the Zone Leaders pension. A lot of Elders have died there (ended there missions) so a lot of junk has been left there over the years. We decided what stuff we wanted to keep and threw the rest of it away. I got a lot of ties that I cannot use in the mission (Looney Toons, Basketball, Animals, ect), a deck of cards, a wind-up flashlight, a Childrens Songbook in Spanish, and some basketball shorts (dont worry, I have already sent them to the Mamita to be washed before I use them). Overall it has been a very productive day. Tonight we will be in a trio as we wait for the new elder to arrive tomorrow. (he is traveling from Arica)

I love you all and I am very grateful for your prayers. I also pray for you guys every day. If you have any questions about the pics, just let me know. Take care.
Love, Elder Brock Hunter

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