Monday, July 6, 2015

We have seen some good progress with some of our investigators but our real success this week was with less active members. We did get the water heater to work (at long last!). We have hot water, even if we do not have very much water pressure but we are grateful for what we have.
Sounds like you had all kinds of weather during the Trek. Fun stuff. I am glad it was a success and that everyone got home safe (even if they were a little sore). I look forward to seeing the video and pictures later. (and just so you know, the other missionaries find it hilarious that I am from Utah but have never gone on a Trek).
I have been and will continue to pray for Grandpa Mellor. I hope that he can heal up and get out of the hospital. I am glad that everyone is doing well and that you guys enjoyed July 4th.
As far as news goes, we watched another soccer game this past week. We watched Chile versus Peru and Chile won! We were excited to watch Chile in the Final game of La Copa America. Then we were told that we could not watch the game for safety reasons. Our President was worried that something could happen when all the drunk fans went out after the game. It was a smart move but I am still sad we did not get to watch Chile verus Argentina. We knew that something was going to happen whether Chile won or lost and when Chile won in Penalty Kicks the Country went crazy. Some people died from heart attacks because they got so excited.
We had a very spiritual testimony meeting yesterday. We had a baby blessing and a lot of people came to support the family. The babys

Other news is that I went to Huasco today. They had a huge feria over there for a religious festival so we went shopping as a Zone. I bought a soccer Jersey (I just had too) and a scarf that says Chile. We took some pics at the beach and I got a picture with a giant snake! Fun stuff. I will try to send pics today if the computer will let me.
I cannot remember anything else that happened this week so I will sign off. Love you guys and I am grateful for your prayers. Enjoy your summer!
Love , Elder Brock Hunter

Watching soccer

Getting into the soccer celebrations


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