Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Callahans have been visiting a lot recently. I guess that means that baseball is going well for them. I still have never been able to get up on waterskiis for more than 10 seconds and right now water sports are prohibited so theres that... I am glad everyone was able to have fun at the campout but why does everyone keep getting hurt or having medical problems?

On my mission I have discovered that talks are the same everywhere in the world. That is why we have a tissue box next to the podium. As far as my journal writing goes... I do write in it every night but I already know that I have forgotten to write certain details... oops.

This week we have recieved several references and made several contacts with people that just seem prepared to learn about the gospel. The problem? We cant seem to find any of them in their houses... missionary problems. The investigator that has been making the most progress during this past week is Jackeline Vega but she does not want to get baptized without her husband and he wants nothing to do with the Church. We are working on her situation. This Sunday we had several less active members there but we were lacking several active families, including our Mission Leader! Now if we can just get everyone there on the same Sunday...

Not a whole lot happened after Pday last week but this week we are making a concentrated effort in finding new investigators. WE ARE TALKING TO EVERYONE. Not my cup of tea but it needs to be done. 

It has stayed between 50 and 65 degrees here. I celebrated my year mark with food and goals. That is about it. I will celebrate my two year mark with a movie marathon :P

That Arrow of Light is very different than mine but it looks cool. I like it. I still think of Swayzie when she was the age of Payton. And now she is so big and has two little sisters. I do not understand it. Apparently they have another older sister in Acey as well (him in the dress). Jake looks normal and so does Trysten. Your tea party is sideways but I loved the sound of the boys fighting in the background. It made me feel like I was at home watching them again.

Alright, I dont know what else to say today so I just want to say that I love you guys. Take care.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

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