Monday, November 16, 2015

Dear family (and other people who read this email), 

The photo of me with a snake and an iguana was in Huasco (a port town of Chile) during a local festival. You tell me not to do it again but it is not every day you can hold a boa in the driest desert on earth. I had to give it a shot. Plus it happened four months ago so...(I was wondering why no one had asked me about it sooner) 

I also managed to find my Mom´s car here in Arica. It is parked outside a church building and it was only the second time I have seen a car like that here in Chile. I had to take a pic. Grafitii is common here in Chile but I only take pictures of the grafitii I like. I would not say that grafitii on cars is THAT common but I have seen it more here than in Utah. Of course, I do not know if there are not those things in Utah or if I just did not get around like I do now as a missionary in order to find that stuff.
This week was rough. We taught very little. We found only 2 new people. But. You know what. This was the best Sunday I have had in this sector. We had an attendance of 85 and 6 Investigators in Church. Plus it was the Primary Program which is always a hoot. Francisco wants to get baptized (he should have his interview tomorrow), Mario wants to get baptized and his wife is more receptive now, Emanuel wants to get baptized (he participated in the Primary Program!), and Nicolas wants to get baptized (found him last night). Lots of good things even when the work is hard. Mario and Daniela have attended twice now and Mario is sharing the gospel already. He went out to visit people with us on Wednesday and he introduced us to Nicolas. Nico had problems with drugs but wants to leave all that behind. He is only 18 but he has passed through a lot.
This morning we went to see the Chinchoro Mummies. They are older than the mummies in Egypt. It was pretty cool walking around the museum and learning about this ancient culture. My comp kept getting excited because he compared everything with the Jaredites from the Book of Mormon. It was the first time we actually did something fun for P-Day here in Arica. Apparently I will be with Elder Mariscal for another 6 weeks so hopefully we can make this transfer more enjoyable than the last.
This Saturday we have our conference with the entire mission and Elder Cook. There should be some other Seventies such as Elder Ulisses Soares and Elder Walter F. Gonzalez. Something big must be going down because it is rare that there are so many authorities in one place (well, other than Utah). I have videos of our choir practices but I doubt we will be able to record the actual performance. It actually turned out very well in my opinion.
I am glad that you guys are doing well. I love being a missionary but I do miss being able to do normal things. I plan to do a lot of "catch up" in order to know about movies, shows, books, news, technology, ect. I like to be informed. This week we learned about the terrorist attacks in France by pure chance. We had no clue until we entered a house and they just happened to be watching the news. Of course my focus is not on the world for now but I plan to stay updated once I get home.
Anyway, I love you guys. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm. It truly makes a difference. And even though I am fairly certain that I already have skin cancer, I put sunscreen on everyday so don't worry. Take care and God bless.

Con amor, Elder Hunter

Dear Kate,
can't use youtube. Not even for things from the church. Thanks anyway for the update.
Lots of crap is going down and it was all prophesied many hundreds of years ago. yet the people still dont listen. Gosh dang stubborn planet Earth. I am still in Chile so yes. There are still doors that are too short for me. I have pegged my head twice in the current house. I talked to my Mission Leader.... and I forgot to tell him. Sorry. But the man does not have a cell phone so it is hard to actually get in contact with him. I will see what I can do.
Take care sis. Con amor, Elder Hunter

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