Monday, November 23, 2015

Dear family,
I am okay but I could be better. The miracle of the week is the change in Nicolas. His Mom found us in the street and said we have to keep passing by because it has only been a week and he is already much better than before. We have been passing by every day so far and we have emphasized that he can change with the help of Christ. Francisco on the other hand got in a fight with his mom when he said he wanted to be baptized and he canceled the baptismal interview and did not come to church this week. Mario is still going strong and should have his baptismal interview this saturday. His wife still is not convinced. Emanuel is still awesome. He went to a ward activity when we were in Antofagasta and he was at church before us today.

I know that a lot of other people read this letter and dont have a lot of time so long story short: bus broke down, we showed up late, we heard Elder Cook talk (awesome), did not get to shake his hand or take a photo with all of the mission (not awesome), the piano was ridiculously loud during our musical number, and we were all nervous and off key when we started but we finished strong.

Now, short story long: we started our trip at 8pm Friday. We had traveled about an hour and a half when the engine overheated. We were stranded in the desert. They called a mechanic and sent us on a different bus. That bus left us in Iquique (still 7 hours away from Antofagasta). Only 7 Sister Missionaries continued on that bus. The rest of us had to wait for another bus. It was 3 in the morning. When the bus showed up they refused to take all of us. Another 12 Elders stayed in Iquique and missed the conference entirely. We went ahead because we were in the Choir. We showed up in Antofagasta at 10. The Conference started at 10. We took several taxis from the bus terminal to the chapel but we had already missed one of the talks and half of the second. Elder Cook was the last speaker so we managed to hear him. He gave an amazing but simple testimony, "I know the Savior´s voice. I know the Savior´s face." And he gave an Apostolic Blessing. I hope that our mission president will give us a copy because I was not able to write all of it down fast enough. In one part he said "Your missions will bless everybody that you love." The spirit hit me so strongly when he said that. We sang our musical number at the end but we did not have any time to practice or get tuned. The piano was hooked up to the speakers and it was way too loud. The first verse was terrible. The second, third, and fourth were better. When we finished singing they said the closing prayer and Elder Cook had to leave. Which means all of us that showed up late did not get to shake his hand. The 12 elders that showed up later were able to meet Elder Cook and the other General Authorities and watched a recording of the conference. The rest of us ate lunch at the Mission Home and then we traveled back to Arica. Fortunately the ride home was not as complicated. We arrived at 4:30am and then we had to go to church. I loved being able to hear Elder Cook but I did feel a bit bitter about not getting to greet him personally like everyone else. Well, God knows why certain things happen. There were about 13 of us that did not get to shake his hand.

It sounds like you guys have had a fun week. I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving. I dont think we will be doing anything this year. I am with a latin so this holiday is not very important to him. This week the Chileans have Teleton, which is a big charity event for children with special needs. Maybe we will do something with that.
Anyway, I think that is about it for this week. Love you guys. Take care and God bless.
Con amor, Elder Brock Hunter

Hey Kate,
This week was a bit slow. Especially when the bus broke down. I am still tired. I did not sleep well on the bus.
The investigators are there. Chugging along. Some better than others. I did not figure out the scripture details. And my companion has not killed me and I have not killed him. I call that success.

If you plan well, organize your time, and stay dedicated you can succeed in college. My comp was in college and had a reading level lower than Jakes. Seriously. If he can do it ANYONE can. (his words, not mine)

Take care sis. Thanksgiving es Día de Acción de Gracías. 
Love ya, Elder Hunter

Time sure has passed quickly. I recieved the two letters you sent. Thank you very much. It helps a lot to have those. Enjoy this holiday season and stay safe. I love you guys.
Elder Hunter

Mummies of the Chichorro Culture

Missionaries from Arica

Those who were left

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