Monday, November 9, 2015

Dear family (but let's be honest here this is mostly Dear Mom),

I have had a lot of issues trying to upload videos (through correo or on onedrive). I will see what I can do but I believe that for the majority of the videos you will just have to wait til I get home. Sorry. For everyone else that wants to see my photos:

These are my first year photos.
These are the photos of my second year in the mission.

Our investigators here are doing fantastic. Francisco wants to get baptized on the 28th of November. Emanuel wants to get baptized and loves church. He will participate in mutual this week with the Young Men. He is only 11 which means he can't get baptized alone so now we are working on his family. Royers left the city to go fishing... but that is his job. He is a fisherman so we hope that he is reading the Book of Mormon on the boat. Mario Navia is another investigator that we have and he has his answer. He knows this is the true church and wants to get baptized but now he has to start living all the commandments... his wife, Daniela, still has a few doubts but we are working with our Mission Leader so that they can share with more members and make this decision. Maxi and Nathaly, the recent converts, are also doing well.

We have been seeing some good progress here but we have also been struggling to keep our appointments. When we go, the people are not there, and if we do not go or if we get there late the people were waiting for us... someday we will get this to work out.

Not a whole lot more I can say this week. I am doing well, using sunscreen, still can't remember peoples names, ect. I thought my Spanish was pretty good but a few people shot me down this week. Guess I need to study more.

Anyway, Love you all. Take care and God bless.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

You are a good, dedicated Bishop and father. I would like to see more Bishops like you here in my mission but hey. I am sure each one is just trying to do the best they can. Unfortunately I feel that many of them are like I was. They procrastinate, are pessimistic, and blame others for the lack of progress. I guess I am still like that in some ways but I am doing a bit better. 

It is interesting how you see the best and the worst as a missionary. I see great examples of faith and diligence but I also see plenty examples of laziness and blame. I can't count the number of times I have wanted to smack someone because they tell me that they don't go to Church because of the Bishop. I always try to help them remember that their baptismal covenant is with the Lord, not with the Bishop nor the missionaries and some people listen and come back. Sadly, many do not want to listen to the spirit because of their pride. Now, I am not a perfect missionary (though I am sure Mom tells everyone otherwise) but I do wish that people would understand that their eternal salvation is at stake for something so simple as not partaking of the sacrament.

sorry. needed to vent a bit. last week we had an attendance of 48 in a Ward. I was kinda frustrated. This week we got up to 73. Doing a bit better. Love you Dad. Thanks for your example and your advice.

Kaitlin, I appreciate your enthusiasm but I have no idea what policy change you are talking about. I have one day of the week that I can use the computer and I use the majority of my time writing you guys. All I know is that the Church is true and the book is blue. (the triple technically has other books so the Book of Mormon is blue and true)

A few of my socks have had holes but I sewed those up. A few of my pants had holes, sewed those up too. A few of my shirts have had problems with the front pocket, sewed those up too. The only things that I have not been able to really fix are the insoles of my shoes, the tags on the garments, and my Pday shoes. 

Enjoy the snow. I still have to wait a year... but I have sand in the meantime! 
Love ya sis, Elder Hunter

We haven't seen pics for several months.  These are a few of my favorites from the 600+ we got today!!
Duck Brock Duck

He is on the Atkins Diet

Dryest place on Earth

One year later

Pday Shoes

Elder Hunter, Elder Holloway

Elder Acosta, Elder Hunter

Elder Mariscal

October Conference 2015

Brock thought Mom was checking up on him

Chilean Wal-Mart

This one's for Mimi - Brock got in the pic

Atacama Desert

It's a small world after all
Tie Couch

Cushions filled with ties

Ay Caramba!

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