Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dear Family,
Don't get sick. It was no fun talking to Jake when he was sick last year so please try to avoid it. It is weird to hear that so many things have already changed. Our family is involved with two wards, the Bybee boys are leaving home, Brynlee will be driving, and we will have neighbours again (that may be the weirdest).

I look forward to seeing more pictures of Lane and his shenanigans.

I honestly remember the missionaries coming over twice in my life and now they passed by twice in a week... it will be weird to see missionaries from the other side of things once I get YSA Wards don't exist here so we don't have the same kind of worries that they have.

JERKY! THANK YOU! HOW I MISS IT! oh yeah, and thanks for sending the scriptures, I am sure that Javier and his wife will appreciate them. I still have not heard from the scripture cover guy but we shall see what he says.

I am glad Kate is doing well with her dance. Hopefully she can do well in her competitions. And tell Cooper congrats for me. That is a great decision that he has made.
Now, as far as moving Kaitlin's room goes. Are you sure about that? I rather like the movie room. And I liked being the only person in the basement. And does she know if she is staying home or moving out when she goes to college? Because that could be a lot of work just to have her move out after a few months. Of course, I don't get home for 7 more months so what I say does not count for much right now. And if she has her room set up in the basement then I will just have to adapt. She is not however allowed to steal my mattress unless you plan on getting me a better one. I miss my mattress. And my pillows. Missionaries don't typically have quality items in the pensions. Also, will it be Mom's office or Dad´s? Let me know what you decide.

Now for an update on my side of things, Mario did get baptized this Saturday. Elder Mariscal was in the water with him and we had a good turnout from members and investigators. His baptism and his confirmation were really spiritual experiences. I was able to be in the circle when he was confirmed. Our Ward Mission Leader did not make it to the baptism but he did the confirmation. Mario has an interview with the bishop this Thursday and should be ordained a Priest next Sunday. His wife Daniela still does not want to be baptized but she is happy for her husband and she knows that this is a good (although maybe a drastic) change in their lives.
This week I also was part of a trio for two days. It lasted more than 24 hours so I think I can call him an official companion... anyway we were with Elder Austin Francis for two days because there was a special cambio. I think somebody went home because Elder Spanbauer was called to work in the office. We worked between our sector (Valle Azapa) and the sector of Elder Francis (Las Acacias) for about 2 days. We slept over in the pension of Las Acacias because they had three beds (not high quality but they had them). It is really weird to be in a trio. I really enjoyed being with Elder Francis but I did not enjoy being in a trio. Hopefully I will not be in a trio again.

Our investigators are doing well for the most part. Emanuel is going to ask his mom if he can get baptized, Francisco is coming to church again, Karen attended church and Mario`s baptism, Daniela is going to support her husband in his decision, and Natalia came to church with the Young Women's President. The sad thing is that Nico is not progressing. Actually he is in jail... we don't even know what happend. I'll let you know when we do.

Love you guys. Thanks for all you do and have done for me. I look forward to talking to you for Christmas. We had a member family offer to host us for our Christmas Calls but for now we still do not have a ton of details. Can you look up what the time difference is between Chile and Utah? I think with Daylight Savings Time it is about a four hour difference right now. Anyway, thanks again. God bless.
Con amor, Elder Brock Hunter

Mario's Baptism

Where am I?



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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