Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December 28, 2015
Hey, this has to be a fast letter because my comp is leaving and I have to take him to the bus terminal and he took all day to pack so we did not have more time to write. GAAAAAHHHH.

The baptism was very spiritual but not a lot of people came this time. Fortunately Emmanuel did not care about the people, he understood the importance of the ordinance and he even shared his testimony. Fidel Loiza, the second counselour of the Bishopric, performed the ordinance and confirmed him on Sunday. His mom came to his baptism and his confirmation which is about the first time we really got to talk to her.

They did not call us on Saturday. We thought we did not have cambios and that we would be together for another transfer. Then the Zone Leaders called to say what time my comps bus leaves. Turns out my comp is leaving afterall so we ran around saying goodbye yesterday because he did not say goodbye during Sacrament Meeting. Then today he spent forever and a half packing but hey. I want to think that I learned something out of these three months with him. The new elder shows up around 11 tonight and the Zone Leaders can't stay with me so I have to find a member to be with me for three hours because my current comp leaves at 7 30. Fun stuff.

I WAS DEVASTATED AFTER THE SKYPE CALL. Not because I was trunky, though I was sad that I could not see you guys, but because when I got home I went to eat some of the homemade jerky AND THERE WAS MOLD! I COULD NOT EAT IT! I OPENED THE BAG AND COULD SMELL IT BUT I ATE NOTHING OF DAD´S DEER!!! It was a dark day.

We had some fun Christmas activities during the week but Christmas itself this year was not all that great. My comp had more problems than me calling his family so we were there for 3.5 hours instead of the 1 hour we had planned.
I love the mission and I plan to work hard these next 6 months, but I really do look forward to spending some holidays at home. It just is not the same here in Chile.

I will let you know what happens with my new comp when he gets here. I hope you guys have an excellent New Years. Thank you so much for you love and support. Believe me when I say I would not be here without it. See you next year.
With much love, Elder Brock Hunter

Dear Kate,
This year was odd. To say the least it was odd. There were some good things but not my favorite Christmas. I have a few ideas to try out when I get home though. I know a lot more about church resources now. I can find all kinds of videos and things. It should be interesting.

I am staying in Valle Azapa and Elder Carter is going to be my new comp. I know nothing about him so far. We got one more baptism in for the year 2015 and now we are entering my last 6 months as a missionary. We shall see how this goes.

I am proud of you for finding someone that wanted to take you on a date to see Star Wars. Whoever he is, he has some good potential. Supposedly this movie is supposed to be the best yet. Just remember that the force lets them do magic tricks and Chewbaca is the one that goes "Grr" and R2D2 goes "beep boop" and the Jedi (the good guys) have the shiny sword things and the Sith (the bad guys) have the shiny sword things too but only in red. Oh yeah, and this all takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far away. (I tried to explain that in a way that even non-nerds understand. I hope it helped)

Take care sis. Love ya.
Elder Hunter


Francisco Lara

Francisco Lara

Skype call Christmas 2015

Moldy Jerky

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