Monday, December 14, 2015

Dear Family,
Why has everyone been sick recently? Even I have been sick this week and it is not fun. Especially when Chile does not believe in public bathrooms. At least we have the keys to the chapel. 

Manda saludos a mis abuelos también. Dígales que les amo mucho. I wrote that in Spanish because I forgot how to say it in English. 

Translation:  Greetings to my grandparents also, tell them that I love them very much.

Answering your questions about pictures: the Christ Statue is on top of the Morro. It is 10 meters tall and has a Catholic chapel underneath. We actually went up there today (I will try to upload photos later). The Christmas decorations were in the house of the mamita. The cave is supposedly an old Pirate base from hundreds of years ago. The cave is on a section of land that used to be an island. Now they have built a road but the road is falling apart (which is why the road leads of the edge into the ocean). Plus, here in Arica there was a large battle between Chile and Peru and it happened on the Morro. The Christ statue was built there afterwards as a symbol of peace.

Elder Francis is from Farmington but he says that he does not know Aunt Meche. I will try to send a pic.

To finish up this email I want to say that I finally gave a baptism interview after being a District Leader for 7 months. No idea if I did it right but I felt that the kid has a testimony and was repentant of his past sins so I signed the paper. 

One last thing, what is the altitude of Cedar Mountain and Enoch? I wanted to compare it to the altitude of Lago Chungara and Arica.
Thanks fam. Enjoy this holiday season and always remember what it is that we truly celebrate this time of year, which is the Lord´s birth. (even though he was not actually born in December but details)

Love you guys. God bless.
Con mucho amor, Elder Hunter

About the Christmas call. I was planning to call on the 25th in the afternoon here. I will probably call around noon Utah time if all goes as planned (give or take an hour). The time change to Bolivia is different so my comp will call a little earlier and then I will call afterwards. that is the plan at least.

Let me know if that schedule works for you guys. I will be able to respond next Monday and then we will be talking :) See you soon.

PS. Did you guys here about the mission schedule change? I will be staying out 1 week longer now. I should be getting home on or right after Mimi´s BDAY. Crazy right?

Best advice I can give you, dont get sick. It is not worth it.
Since you did not want to follow that advice I wish you good luck and I hope you can get everything in before Christmas Break.
Some weeks are better than others but you just gotta stick with it and if you do your best then no one can ask anything more. Now, if you have not done your best or if you were lazy and procrastinated, that is a different story.

I bought a lot of sweets this week. Probably should not have but I did. I have no idea what we will do for Christmas besides call home. A few members have invited us over but nothing official yet. I did in fact decorate. I have the wall tree hanging up and one of my stockings. I also put out the nativity scene that I have. It is small but I feel good to have that on my dresser. 

The investigators are doing well for the most part. Francisco is going to get baptized on Friday (Saturday they will have a primary Christmas activity), Daniela has been a little more receptive, Emanuel is going to ask his mom for permission to be baptized, Karen wants to get baptized and has a baptismal goal set, and we have met a lot of new people this week. We still have a long ways to go but things are going well.

I wear sunscreen and I still get burned. I use AloeVera and I feel better at least. Anyway, take care sis. Hope this week is a bit better for ya.
Con amor, Elder Hunter

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